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Making the decision to emigrate to Australia can be an extremely positive and life changing experience. Unfortunately, the process you follow after the decision is made can then render what should be an exciting time stressful and confusing if you’re unfamiliar with the necessary legalities involved. At IAS, we strive to ensure that your move to Australia is as simple and straightforward as possible with knowledgeable emigration experts who will advise you on everything from the type of visa you need, right the way through to which area would be best to visit on a working holiday. By taking control of the emigration process, we leave you time to concentrate on getting your affairs in order, as well as building yourself up to the momentous occasion of your move.

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Emigrating to Sydney, Australia

Your eligibility for obtaining your Australian visa will depend on many factors, including your age, occupation and country of origin, although all visa applications are considered and processed using the same method and are assessed on similar criteria. Although Australia is fast gaining a reputation for its strict stance on immigration, with many of its policies generating debate worldwide, it is still amongst those countries in the world with the highest immigrant populations. Many migrants each year flock to the well-beloved country for its fantastic year-round weather, consistently growing economy and laid-back way of life. Whether you’re in favour of their stringent visa rules or not, the Australian visa process has many requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to be successful in your application.

In Australia, the vast majority of migrants go through the Australian General Skilled Migration Programme, or ‘GSM’. The GSM is a two-step process and before you even apply for your Australian visa, you must complete the first stage, a skills assessment, which is assessed by the governing body within Australia that is responsible for your particular profession. Once you have passed the relevant skills assessment, you will then become eligible to begin the process of applying for your actual visa.

As with the vast majority of countries, there are multiple different visas for Australia in line with their immigration policies and which one you apply for will depend upon your circumstances, as well as your reasons for wanting to move to Australia. The following are some of the most common visa categories, with some further information regarding each.

Australian Skilled Visas

Australian Working Holiday Visas

Australian Business Visas

Australian Family and Spouse Visas

Australian Employer Sponsored Visas

Australian Student Visas

Australian Investor Visas

If you’re looking to study in or move to Australia then our partner company, James Freeman Emigration, can help you with the necessary Australian visas and paperwork.

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