The government has recently begun a Parliamentary Inquiry into detention issues in the UK immigration system, looking particularly closely at the use of detention in asylum cases. This will be a joint Inquiry predominantly led by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Refugees, alongside the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Migration, and is set to examine the current use and role that detention plays within the UK immigration and asylum systems, as well as the cost in terms of monetary as well as social terms, and the overall effects the use of detention has upon these systems and wider society. The Inquiry will also narrow in on the conditions that asylum seekers face in UK detention centres upon arrival in the UK, amongst other social and financial factors that are currently seen to be impacting upon the systems in place.

Present and previous detainees’ testimonies will form the main body of evidence given during the Inquiry, which is also set to hear evidence from Non-Governmental Organisations such as the Refugee Council, as well as experts in the UK immigration and asylum systems.

The main focus is reported to be to look into cases of refugees being detained upon entry to the UK unfairly and in poor conditions, which has been a particular focus of the UK media in recent times, even forming part of political campaigns due to the prominence of the issue.