Post-Brexit Immigration Could be Bad for Business

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5th December 2018

Post – Brexit Immigration could be bad for business

Theresa May has made it clear that after Brexit there could a crackdown on immigration. But experts now believe that this could have an adverse effect on local and national business.

 This could cause UK companies to go bust up and down the country which will also mean that thousands of individuals will lose their jobs. This warning was issued by the head of Britain’s biggest business lobby group.

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The measures that have been put in place to prevent low skilled immigration could have unintended consequences.


Carolyn Fairbrain has warned the Prime Minister of this and has warned against using “derogatory terms” about the EU migrants working in Britain already.


She said that if these changes were to be implemented overnight that the UK could “see businesses go under and we would lose jobs rather than create jobs for the population.”


Companies are reporting growing problems hiring staff, with fewer EU migrants choosing to live in Britain after the announcement of Brexit.


The net migration for migrants seeking work in the UK has fallen to the lowest figures it has ever been in 6 years.


Since November, the overall availability of staff has continued to decline and this does not seem to be slowing down.


The steepest registered fall in permanent candidates available for work of four English regions is the Midlands.


This area has seen the steepest fall monitored by its latest barometer, however, there have also been marked declines in other areas across the UK.

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