What are the requirements for British citizenship registration

There are different requirements for British citizenship that you will need to meet if you are registering and not naturalising as a British citizen. Unlike naturalisation, you will not need to prove your English Language ability and pass the ‘Life in the UK’ test. There are many different categories for registering as a British citizen. Determining which category is right for your circumstances is important before making your application.

The British Citizenship application is long and complex and you cannot change any details or request a refund once it has been submitted. You will need to provide an extensive report of your immigration history, as well as evidence of your good character in your application.

Do I meet the requirements for British Citizenship?

With decades of experience of the UK’s immigration system, our lawyers are well equipped to help you with your application. We understand that this is a serious commitment and will guide you through every step of the process. Your lawyer will ensure you meet all the requirements for British Citizenship so you have the best possible chance of success.

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Routes for Registration

Registering as a British citizen: Under 18s

To apply for British Citizenship for your child, registration is the only process you can undertake. You can register your child as a British citizen at any time before they turn 18.

Children born in the UK do not always have automatic British Citizenship. To be recognised as a British citizen at birth, one or more of the child’s parents must have British Citizenship or Settled Status.

Children born in the UK to non-British parents must wait until one of their parents holds citizenship or settled status before registering themselves.

The requirements for this category include:

  • Your child’s full immigration history
  • The immigration status of the qualifying parent(s) – British Citizenship or Settled Status
  • A good character assessment if the child is over 10
  • Biometric information

Registering as a British citizen: Children of British parents

For children of British parents born outside the UK, Britain does not recognise their right to citizenship automatically. Your child will be eligible to register and must do so before they can freely enter and live in the UK.

There are a number of other situations which would qualify a person to register as a British citizen as a child of British parents, such as:

  • Those born before 1983 to a British mother who could not yet pass on citizenship
  • Those born to British fathers before 2006 who would have become British citizens had their parents been married at the time of their birth

The requirements for British Citizenship for children born to British parents outside the UK include:

  • Your/your child’s immigration history
  • Any previous passports
  • Evidence of your birth
  • Evidence of your relationship to your qualifying parent(s)
  • Good character assessment if over 10
  • Biometric information

Registering as a British citizen: Following renunciation

This route is for those who have previously renounced their British Citizenship, most commonly to become a citizen of another country which does not allow dual citizenship.

For citizens of the UK and colonies, this category can also allow you to register as a British citizen if you previously renounced your citizenship to be a citizen of a Commonwealth nation.

Requirements include:

  • Evidence of your previous status as a citizen of the UK and colonies
  • Evidence of why you previously renounced your citizenship
  • Reasons for applying to regain your citizenship

Registering as a British citizen: Other British nationals

For British overseas citizens, British subjects, British Overseas Territories citizens and British protected people, registration is possible most commonly when the applicant can show close ties to the UK, including five years’ continuous residence.

Each type of citizenship has its own requirements but mostly include:

  • Previous passports
  • Evidence of close ties to the UK
  • Evidence of identity over and above that to establish eligibility for registration
  • Documents relating to birth and ancestry

Registering as a British citizen: Stateless persons

The UK has provisions for those who are born stateless in the UK. To register through this category, you will need to prove that your parents hold British Citizenship or citizenship of a British Overseas Territories.

Other requirements include birth evidence and evidence that the applicant does not and has never had citizenship of another country, such as the place of their parents’ birth.

What services does IAS offer?

The process of registering as a British Citizenship is long, complex and can be stressful. We at IAS understand that you want to get things right the first time. Our immigration advisers can help you be successful in your British Citizenship application.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of which category you will need to apply under;
  • A full document and eligibility check. Your lawyer will ensure that your documents prove you meet the requirements for British Citizenship;
  • Completion of your application forms to the highest possible standard;
  • A personalised Letter of Representation. This is submitted alongside your application and references your evidence, as well as supporting UK case law;
  • Correspondence with the Home Office should they have any questions before making their decision.

This is an important application to make and we will ensure you meet all necessary British Citizenship requirements. For the best chances of success, get in touch on 0333 363 8577 or make an enquiry online with one of our expert lawyers today.

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