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How much is the Home Office fee?

The Home Office fee depends on the type of application you are making and your personal circumstances.

The fees can vary from £180 for a British National Overseas Visa to £2,389 for an application for indefinite leave to remain.

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Complete guide to the Home Office fees 2022

The tables below outline all Home Office fees for the year 2022. How much you must pay depends on your application, where you are applying from, and whether you choose a premium-level service.

The fees can broadly be divided into separate categories.

Home Office fees

  • Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) and leave to remain fees
  • Naturalisation and British citizenship fees
  • Work visa fees
  • Premium service fees
  • Student visa fees
  • Sponsorship fees
  • Other visas and service fees

It should be noted that the Home Office fees are not reflective of the administrative cost. In fact, they charge a fee that can be up to three times the processing cost.

The issue of Home Office fees is a controversial one, and there have been calls for the agency to lower the price in line with administrative costs so that applicants are not disadvantaged by the high costs.

As well as the Home Office application fee, the majority of applicants must also pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge.

There are a large number of UK visas available to eligible candidates who wish to come to live or work in the UK.

If you are seeking expert advice on the best route for you, contact IAS on 0333 305 9375 for a confidential discussion about your case.

For further information on what each visa category pertains to and who is eligible to apply, explore our types of UK visa page.

Note that apart from the Home office fee, you may also need to pay the health surcharge and have a particular amount in savings before coming to the UK.

Leave to Remain Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) fee

Application TypeFees
Indefinite leave to remain (main applicants + any dependents)£2,389
Same-day indefinite leave to remain application£3,819
Leave to remain£1,033
Leave to remain 5-day priority application£1,533
Super priority leave to remain£1,833

Naturalisation and British citizenship fees

Application TypeFees
Naturalisation (including citizenship ceremony fee)£1,330
Naturalisation British overseas territory citizen£1,000
Nationality registration as a British citizen (including citizenship ceremony) (adult)£1,206
Nationality registration as a British citizen (child)£1,012
Citizenship ceremony fee£80
Administration of a citizenship oath (or oath and pledge)£5
Nationality registration for British overseas territory citizen (adult)£901
Nationality registration for British overseas citizens (child)£810
Renunciation of nationality£372
Certificate of entitlement£372
Nationality review£372
Status letter£250
Non-acquisition letter£250
Nationality correction to certificate£25-
Nationality – supply of a certified copy of a certificate or declaration£250

Do you need help applying for a UK visa? Our lawyers can assist you.

Work visa fees

Application TypeFees
Innovator (main applicant + any dependents)£1,277
Start-Up (main applicant + any dependents)£493
Global Talent (initial application)£152
Global Talent (extension)£608
Global Talent (dependent)£608
Global Talent (endorsement letter from an approved organisation)£456
Business Development and Investment Visas
Entrepreneur (main applicant and dependents)£1,277
Graduate Entrepreneur (dependents only)£493
Investor (main applicants and dependents)£1,623
Exceptional Talent (dependents only)£493
Skilled Worker Visa fees
Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) issued for 3 years or less (main applicant and dependents)£704
CoS issued for more than 3 years (main applicant and any dependents)£1,408
Skilled Worker (Shortage Occupation)
CoS issued for 3 years or less (main applicant and any dependents)£464
CoS issued for more than 3 years (main applicant and any dependents)£928
Skilled Worker (Health and Care Visa)
CoS issued for 3 years or less (main applicant and any dependents)£232
CoS issued for more than 3 years (main applicant and any dependents)£464
Skilled Worker (Health and Care Visa) (Shortage Occupation)
CoS issued for 3 years or less (main applicant and any dependents)£232
CoS issued for more than 3 years (main applicant and any dependents)£464
Senior or Specialist Worker VisaSportsperson, and Minister of Religion
CoS issued for 3 years or less (main applicant and any dependents)£704
CoS issued for more than 3 years (main applicant and any dependents)£1,408
Intra-Company Transfer (Graduate Trainee) (main applicant and any dependents)£482
Youth Mobility Scheme, UK expansion worker visa, Secondment worker route (global business mobility)£259
Temporary Worker Visa
Seasonal Worker, Religious Worker, Charity Worker, Creative Worker, International Agreement Worker, Government Authorised Exchange Worker – main applicant and dependants£244

Premium service fees

Application TypeFees
Super priority service£800
Priority service£500
On-demand service (mobile biometric enrolment)£650
Premium status checks and advice (per minute) (Administrative Officer)£.80
Premium status checks, advice, or training (per minute) (Higher Executive Officer£1.23

Student Visa fees

Application TypeFees
Student (main applicant and any dependents) (application made outside the UK)£348
Child student (application made outside the UK)£348

Sponsorship fees

Application TypeFees
Premium Sponsor Service (12 months)
Worker sponsor and temporary worker sponsor (large sponsors)£25,000
Worker sponsor and temporary worker sponsor (small sponsors)£8,000
Student sponsors£8,000
Expedited processing
Expedited processing of a sponsorship management request made by a worker sponsor or temporary worker sponsor£200
Priority service for expedited processing of sponsor licence applications£500
Worker sponsor licence and temporary worker sponsor licence (large sponsor)£1,476
Worker sponsor licence (small sponsor)£536
Student sponsor licence£536
Temporary worker sponsor licence£536
Worker sponsor licence (large sponsor) where a sponsor currently holds a temporary worker and/or a student sponsor licence£940
Other services
Student sponsor basic compliance assessment£536
Sponsor action plan£1,476
Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for Skilled Worker, Minister of Religion, Sportsperson, Intra-Company Transfer (ICT), ICT Graduate Trainee£199
CoS for temporary worker£21
Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) for student or child student£21

Other visas and services fees

Application TypeFees
Visitor Visa extension (main applicant and any dependents)£993
Leave to enter for persons liable to immigration detention£1,033
Hong Kong British National (Overseas) (30 months)£180
Hong Kong British National (Overseas) (5 years)£250
Retired person of independent means£1,949
Representative of overseas business (main applicant and any dependents)£704
Processing an application later rejected as invalid£25
Biometric enrolment£19.20
Transfer of Conditions (TOC) or application for a document confirming identity and immigration status (limited leave to remain)£161
Transfer of Conditions (TOC) or application for a document confirming identity and immigration status (indefinite leave to remain)£229
Replacement biometric residence permit (BRP)/ replacement BRP£56
Certificate of travel (adult)£280
Certificate of travel (child)£141
Convention travel document (adult)£75
Convention travel document (child)£49
European residence document£65
Administrative review£80
Life in the UK test£50
International contact centre (email service) (per query)£2.74
International contact centre (telephone service (per minute)£0.69
Visas and applications made outside the UK
Visitor visa (less than 6 months)£95
Visitor visa (less than 2 years)£361
Visitor visa (less than 5 years)£655
Visitor visa (less than 10 years)£822
Private medical treatment visa (between 6-12 months)£190
Private medical treatment visa (between 6-11 months)£190
Transit visa (direct airside transit)£35
Transit visit visa (landside transit)£64
Electronic visa waiver£30
Short-term student visa (studying English for between 6-11 months)£186

We can help you if you need advice with any UK visa or immigration application.

Immigration healthcare surcharge

The immigration healthcare surcharge costs £624 per year. For the majority of applicants, it is possible to multiple the number of years being applied for by £624 to get the total cost.

In the case where an individual is staying for less than a full year, the charge will be rounded up to the nearest half year.

As well as paying the appropriate immigration fee for the relevant visa category, it is a requirement for the majority of people to pay the annual immigration healthcare surcharge (IHS).

When applying for a UK visa, you should factor in the additional cost of this fee.

Individuals applying for leave to enter or remain for longer than six months will normally have to pay the fee or their visa will not be approved.

The following categories are exempt from the IHS:

  • Diplomats or members of visiting armed forces not subject to immigration control
  • Dependents of a member of the UK’s armed forces
  • Dependents of a member of another country’s armed forces exempt from immigration control
  • Applicants for a visa for the Isle of Man or Channel Islands
  • British Overseas Territory citizens resident in the Falkland Islands
  • Asylum seekers and applicants for humanitarian protection and their dependents
  • Domestic workers identified as victims of slavery or human trafficking
  • Those applying for discretionary leave to remain as the victims of domestic abuse and their dependents
  • Those claiming that being made to leave would breach the European Convention on Human Rights and their dependents

How can IAS help?

IAS is committed to assisting all of our clients with their immigration case, no matter how small or large your case.

If you are in the early stages of making your immigration application, or you need some assistance with ensuring your application is at the highest standard, we are happy to assist you.

Some of the services we provide include the following:

  • Assessing your eligibility for your chosen immigration route and making alternative recommendations where appropriate
  • Advising whether priority or super priority services are an available option for you
  • Undertaking a detail document check to ensure that you have the required documents to submit to the Home Office
  • Submitting a letter of representation to accompany your application
  • Advising on the English language requirements based on your personal circumstances
  • Assisting you in preparation for the Life in the UK test
  • Liaising with the Home Office on your behalf throughout the process

Whether you need support with a family visa applicationspouse visa, or application for British citizenship, our friendly and professional immigration lawyers will work with you to prepare the strongest possible case for the Home Office.

As part of your consultation, we will advise on the fees required by the Home Office. We will also clearly outline our fees based on the complexity of your case.

Call 0333 305 9375 for an immediate discussion about your case. We are available to speak over the phone or by online chat.

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