OISC Immigration training

OISC Training

Anyone who is not a practicing solicitor, barrister or legal executive and who is giving immigration advice or services in the UK must be regulated by the OISC. As the largest immigration law service and advice provider in the UK, with over 22 offices around the country, IAS are perfectly positioned to assist you with your OISC training and with obtaining everything you need to practice in the area of immigration law and gaining your OISC qualification.

Our OISC training courses last for two days, and will cover UK immigration law, European Union Law and asylum law in a fast moving and dynamic way that has been designed to assist you with successfully passing your OISC assessment tests and the Law Society Accreditation scheme in immigration and asylum law.

In addition to those looking for OISC training courses in order to begin their career in the immigration sector, our courses are also highly relevant to those who are already accredited and are looking to refresh their knowledge and keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector.

Our courses are recognised by the OISC and therefore you can claim your CORE CPD hours (12 hours per 2-day course).

You do not need any formal qualifications to attend the training, anybody is welcome to attend, although having experience in the field may benefit you.

The training materials include two folders, the first is the actual course content (covering all aspects of the syllabus), the second is an exam preparation folder which aims to give you all the knowledge required to help you pass the OISC Exams. Please note that the OISC Exams are not included in our training packages, this has to be applied for through the OISC directly.

The latest available training dates can be found below:

City      OISC level    Training dates
London      OISC Level 1    5th & 6th December 2017
Manchester      OISC Level 1    7th & 8th December 2017
London      OISC Level 1    9th & 10th January 2018
Birmingham      OISC Level 1    11th & 12th January 2018
London      OISC Level 1    3rd & 4th February 2018
Manchester      OISC Level 1    5th & 6th February 2018
Manchester      OISC Level 3    7th & 8th February 2018
London      OISC Level 1    6th & 7th March 2018
Birmingham      OISC Level 2    8th & 9th March 2018

The cost of each two day course is £250 inclusive of training materials

If you are interested in attending please fill out the enquiry form below or contact Freya Giddings on 0203 468 9949 or by email at oisc@iasservices.org.uk

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