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If you require immigration advice, our North Woolwich immigration lawyers are here to help.

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Do you need an immigration lawyer in North Woolwich?

Regardless of how complex your query is, our Uxbridge immigration lawyers have the skills, knowledge and work-ethic that is needed to find a positive solution. We are extremely experienced in all areas of immigration law, from Spouse Visa applications to Tier 2 Visa Extensions, and have a proud track record of securing approved applications for our clients.

From the moment you walk through our doors, we will do all that we can to make you feel both welcome and at home. Ethics are hugely important to us here at the Immigration Advice Service – our guiding principle is that all people, regardless of background, are entitled to reliable, affordable immigration advice, and we strive to put this principle into practice at every given opportunity.

At your initial appointment, you will be assigned an immigration lawyer who will sit down with you and discuss your situation in order to determine how best to proceed. If you then opt for our Application Package, your lawyer will handle all aspects of the application process with the utmost care and attention, going above and beyond to maximise your chances of success.

Can IAS immigration lawyers help me with a Unmarried Partner Visa application?

Also known as the UK de facto visa, the Unmarried Partner Visa falls under the Family Visa category and can enable couples to stay and live in the UK together, as long as one partner is a British citizen, has Indefinite Leave to Remain status or is a settled person.

You must be able to pass the ‘genuine relationship’ test, to show you have been in a committed and serious relationship for at least two years. You must be able to prove you have been living together thorough documentation, and also that you plan on living together in the UK and have suitable accommodation arrangements. There is also a financial income threshold you must meet of £18,600, without any dependent children. The threshold goes up by £3,800 for your first child and £2,400 for any further children.

UKVI are very stringent when it comes to processing applications, which is why a decision can take weeks, or even up to six months. The Home Office seek to find any errors within applications that mean they may be fraudulent, so it is extremely important to have your application and documentation completed thoroughly and to the highest standard. Our lawyers are trained to do everything possible to maximise your chances of success with your Unmarried Partner Visa or any other visa you may apply for, in the most efficient way possible. IAS can offer a one-off Advice Package to help you, or provide a full Application Package to complete all of your paperwork and liaise with the Home Office on your behalf.

Contact our team today on 0330 433 1213 to find out more on how IAS can assist you.

Did you know that our North Woolwich immigration lawyers offer a Fast-Track Application Package?

In addition to the services discussed above, our immigration lawyers in North Woolwich offer a Fast-Track Application Package, if you are under additional time pressure. In the past, our solicitors have had applications processed in only 24 hours before using this package.

If you need the application to be quicker due to travel arrangements or starting a job, IAS can support you.

Contact our team today about this package or any of our other services on 0330 433 1213.

You may want to get in touch with our teams in central LondonBirminghamManchester instead. We also have a number of other locations throughout the UK. The IAS is here for you wherever you are located.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On your first application, your Unmarried Partner Visa will be valid for 30 months, if you have applied from within the UK. Otherwise, if you have applied from outside the UK, it will be valid for 33 months. The visa can also then be extended for an additional 30 months, if the application is done with enough time to spare before the original visa expires.

After the extension, the partner may then choose to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain status, to enable them to live in the UK without restrictions.

If you are applying from outside the UK, the Unmarried Partner Visa costs £1,523

If you are applying from inside the UK, the fee is £1,033.

Yes absolutely. IAS is committed to providing the same high-quality services to people remotely as well as in person. Our solicitors are available over the phone, online and via Skype calls.

Contact our client care team today on 0330 433 1213 to set up an initial consultation, and work out an arrangement that best suits your needs.

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