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Can an IAS solicitor help me with a British citizenship application?

Yes, our team of immigration law professionals would be delighted to assist you in your final step on your immigration journey, to naturalise as a British citizen in the UK.

While it is never mandatory to hire an immigration lawyer for any visa or citizenship application, it can be a huge help for a citizenship application to ensure it is completed to the highest possible standards. Our lawyers know the common pitfalls and mistakes that can cause applications to be rejected by the Home Office, so you will have a wealth of knowledge on your side.

To be eligible, you will need to have been a long-term resident in the UK for at least five years and have Indefinite Leave to Remain status for at least one year before you can apply for citizenship. Furthermore, you must be over 18 and never broken UK law or immigration rules.

There are many more eligibility criteria and different documentation that will be required to support your application. Our solicitors can complete your paperwork on your behalf, ensure you submit the strongest possible document portfolio and even write a Letter of Recommendation to the Home Office.

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I would like to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Can an IAS lawyer assist me? 

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) forms the penultimate stage in the UK immigration process. It enables the holder to live, work and study in the UK free from immigration restrictions, and have access to a number of mainstream benefits such as free NHS healthcare.

In order for your ILR application to be a success, the following documents must first be submitted:

  • In circumstances where you are applying on behalf of dependants, any birth or adoption certificates must be provided;
  • Your current passport plus any other passports that have been valid during your time in the UK;
  • Travel documentation pertaining to any periods of absence that occurred during the qualifying period;
  • Financial documentation that proves you have the necessary funds available to support yourself (and any dependents) during your time in the UK- this can take the form of bank statements and wage slips;
  • Your Life in the UK Test pass certificate (if applicable);
  • Your English language exam pass certificate (if applicable);
  • A police registration certificate (this only pertains to persons who have been told to register with police upon their arrival in the UK);
  • Two identical passport-sized photographs. They must be in colour and must have the applicant’s name clearly written on the back;
  • Your immigration history.

The process to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain can be long and sometimes complex, requiring a very thorough attitude to filling in paperwork and collecting documentation. Having a professional and dedicated immigration lawyer to assist and guide the process by your side can be a great help.

Contact our client care team today to find out more about how our team could support your visa or ILR application – call 0330 433 1213.

Did you know that our South Tottenham immigration lawyers offer our full range of services?

In addition to the services mentioned above, our immigration lawyers in South Tottenham, London, offer the full range of IAS’ services on all visa applications, from Student Visas to Skilled Worker Visas and British citizenship.

IAS offers one-off Advice Package sessions with one of our solicitors, as well as in-depth Application Packages that offer more comprehensive support. We can also offer Document Checking Services and Appeals Packages, if your original visa application has been refused.

Whilst we are always delighted to welcome our clients into our office, our services can also be conducted over the phone and via Skype. IAS is more than happy to work with you wherever you are based in the UK, or overseas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! IAS offers the same high-quality and professional services over the phone, online and via Skype call as in person, so you can have peace of mind. If you are based anywhere in the UK or even overseas, IAS can still assist you.

Call us on 0330 433 1213 for an initial chat with our client care team to plan out next steps in the process in a format that works for you.

Yes, IAS undertakes funded work to help people who are seeking asylum. We understand the sensitive and often urgent nature of these cases and want to assist our clients achieve their desired outcome. Contact our team as soon as possible for help with an asylum claim – call us on 0330 433 1213.

If you are a foreign national from outside the EEA and you would like to visit anywhere in the UK for a time period, you will probably need a Visitor Visa. It is advisable to check the gov.uk website to check for whether your nationality needs a visa for your purpose to visit the UK.

IAS can advise you about your visa application and can fill out your paperwork and documentation on your behalf, carrying out all liaison with the Home Office. If you would like more information about our services and UK visa applications, call us on 0330 433 1213 our client care team would be delighted to assist you.

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