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How can immigration detainees get bail?

If your visa has expired or has been cancelled, and you have remained in the UK without making an application for a new one, the Home Office will consider you in breach of UK immigration laws.

If you are found to be in breach of immigration law or the conditions of your immigration status, you could be detained in an immigration removal centre and, potentially, face deportation from the UK. In extreme cases, you could be banned from re-entering the country for a period of up to 10 years.

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How much will it cost to hire an immigration lawyer in Alferton?

In most cases, the services needed by the applicant determines the charged fee when it comes to hiring one of our OISC certified expert immigration solicitors. What to note most is that our lawyers are committed to ensuring there are no hidden costs to their services as all fees to be paid will be spelt out clearly. After a free consultation about your issue, you will be provided with a quote that will cover the expenses of all the services you need in Alferton.

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Can I apply for immigration bail?

If you are in an immigration removal centre, detention centre or prison in Alferton or in any other UK city, you have the right to apply for immigration bail.

You are more likely to receive bail under the following circumstances:

  • You have a potential release address to live at
  • You have a ‘Financial Condition Supporter’ who will pay any money if you don’t follow the conditions of your bail

However, getting bail may be harder if you:

  • Have a criminal record
  • Have broken bail conditions in the past

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Frequently Asked Questions

Under the UK immigration detention policy, detention is the practice of holding people while they wait for permission to enter or before being removed from the country.

Detainees have not necessarily committed a criminal offence. The Home Office usually proceeds with the detention in the following cases:

  • When it is believed that an individual will escape if released;
  • When a person’s identity needs to be established;
  • When a person’s removal from the UK is imminent.

It must be noted that this is an administrative process, meaning that the decision to grant bail for immigration detainees is made by an immigration official. However, if your bail application is refused, you can ask a judge to review your case.

Getting out of detention without professional help can be very difficult. For this reason, it is advisable to seek immigration bail guidance from an experienced immigration lawyer.

Any individual subject to immigration control in the UK can be detained in an immigration removal centre. However, the following categories are most likely to face immigration detention:

  • Individuals subject to immigration control whose examination is still pending;
  • Foreign nationals who have entered the UK illegally, have been working in the country without permission or have overstayed their visa;
  • Immigrants who have been refused leave to enter or have failed to observe conditions attached to their status.

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