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When can I pursue British Citizenship by Naturalisation?

To pursue British citizenship by Naturalisation you must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, a timeframe of six years of lawful residence in the UK including one year of Indefinite Leave to Remain status in the UK is also a factor in attaining British citizenship. You can apply for British citizenship after having spent one year in the UK under ILR status. Furthermore, there is no fixed answer to this question. It all depends on the immigration permit you live under in the UK.

There are many other factors that our expert lawyers will be waiting to carefully explain to you once you call.

Do I need an immigration lawyer to apply for my short stay in UK?

While you do not need to hire an immigration lawyer to apply for the Standard Visitor Visa, we highly recommend you do so. An experienced immigration lawyer will be aware of the common pitfalls to avoid with the application and ultimately will maximise your chances of securing your visa.

All applicants will need to apply for an entrance visa or permit into the UK no matter how short-termed the granted period is.
If you are going to be visiting the UK for up to 90 days as a tourist, the ideal visa to apply for is the Standard Visitor Visa. With this visa, it is possible to travel across the UK as a tourist and/or visit family and friends for up to 90 days.

Here at the IAS, we are very well versed in short stay UK visa applications. We can help you to secure your visa and begin an exciting adventure in the UK. Call us now on 0330 433 1213 to find out how we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, it takes between two and three months to get a decision on a Fiance Visa application. But a way of increasing your chances of a quick decision would be to ensure that your application form is fully completed and your supporting documents are well-arranged.

For Fiance Visa applications submitted from overseas, the fee to be paid by applicants is pegged at £1,523.
For Fiance Visa applications submitted from inside the UK, the fee to be paid by applicants stands at £1,033.

Providing assistance to Fiance Visa applicants forms a major part of our work here at the Immigration Advice Service. From ensuring that you meet the financial call-up to drafting up a Letter of Representation that optimizes the strengths of your application to the Home Office, our services are in full.

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