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Immigration Lawyers in Bloomsbury

If you need the help of immigration solicitors in Bloomsbury, our team can help you. We offer high-quality in-person, telephone, and Skype advice and assistance.

Get in touch with us by calling us on  0333 305 9375 to find out how we can help.

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    What services do the Immigration Advice Service’s immigration solicitors in Bloomsbury offer?

    Our Bloomsbury immigration lawyers are well-positioned to help anyone in West London who needs immigration advice or assistance. IAS offers a wide range of services, including advice and application services for those hoping to apply for a UK visa; help for businesses that want to recruit international workers; asylum seekers claiming refuge in the UK; and complete assistance for people hoping to settle in the UK by becoming a British citizen.

    Our services are multi-faceted. As part of all our services — including our advice, application, and appeal packages — you will be paired with an experienced immigration solicitor in Bloomsbury who is suited to your needs. IAS will make this pairing based on the type of case you have come with, matching this to the specialisms of our team of lawyers. This lawyer will work with you closely, advising you on your options, requirements and next steps.

    If you select our comprehensive application service, then your lawyer will devise a full plan of action, which they will then oversee. They will organise all your supporting evidence on your behalf, and make sure it is presented in a way which is easily navigable for Home Office officials. After this, they will write a detailed letter to the Home Office to support your application. This is then submitted along with your application forms (compelted by your lawyer) in time for your deadline.

    If you use our appeal service, your lawyer will then represent you in a court of appeal and/or a Tribunal hearing (depending on the nature of your case).

    To find out more about or book into any of these packages, or book into one, call us on 0333 305 9375.

    Can an IAS immigration lawyer in Bloomsbury help me make a UK Visa application?

    Our immigration solicitors in Bloomsbury offer a range of visa advice and application service, which are created with different visa categories in mind. Our team of West London immigration lawyers are highly experienced in visa law and have made countless successful applications on behalf of clients.

    The visa categories we advise and assist with include:

    Something which makes us stand out from other immigration lawyers in the Bloomsbury area is the diversity of specialisms our lawyers present. Some of our lawyers have been working with the IAS for decades, and have honed a niche set of skills during this time. This makes them experts in their field, with different specialisms across the board. Some are experts in corporate immigration law and have helped multi-million-pound companies to secure hundreds of employees from across the world. Others have helped hundreds of couples to be reunited in the UK, by securing their Spouse, Partner, and Fiance visas. At the same time, we also have several lawyers across the UK who are especially well-versed in human rights laws and have even represented clients in country case-law cases. Because of this, if you choose to work with the Immigration Advice Service, you can rest assured that you will be paired with a lawyer who is reliable, and highly-experienced, as well as perfectly suited to your specific type of visa application.

    I need immigration advice in Bloomsbury — where is my nearest office?

    If you’re in Bloomsbury, West London and you need immigration advice or support, IAS can help. We have several offices which you can easily reach from the district of Bloomsbury. Our offices at London Bridge, Hounslow, and Croydon are easily accessible from Bloomsbury.

    If you can’t make it to any of these offices, because you are out of the country, or simply unable to travel, we also offer remote advice and application packages. These are very high-quality, and a great alternative if you are unable to opt for an in-person service. As part of this service, you will still be paired with an immigration lawyer in Bloomsbury or London who we think can best cater to your needs. This lawyer will work closely with you, answering questions and explaining everything in detail. If you are making the application with another person, like a partner, employer, or family member, we are happy to include them in correspondence, including in Skype sessions and phone calls.

    Find out more about our in-person, phone, and online services, give us a call on 0333 305 9375.

    You can also find us at our offices in LondonBirminghamManchester and many other locations throughout the UK and Ireland.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our visa extension services are very popular, as we guarantee a quick, easy and smooth process. As part of this service, you will be paired with a dedicated immigration solicitor in Bloomsbury or London who has experience with visa extension.

    They will ensure all your supporting documents are in order. Some visa types require the same amount of evidence for an extension as they do for an initial application, and the Home Office can be very strict with granting these. For example, in Spouse and Unmarried Partner Visa applications, you will be required to re-prove that your relationship and/or marriage is stll genuine and subsisting. Many couples fall at this hurdle as they assume, because they already have a Partner Visa, that they do not need to prove this again.

    Our Bloomsbury immigration lawyers are very timely and will ensure that your visa extension deadlines are met in good time.

    Our specialist business immigration lawyers in Bloomsbury and West London are very experienced in helping businesses and organisations to hire foreign internationals.

    Our Sponsor Licence Packages and visa sponsorship services are the most popular with our corporate clients.

    Our Sponsor Licence Advice Package is specially tailored to guide UK businesses to apply for a Sponsor Licence. It includes:

    • Help to apply for a Sponsor Licence
    • Help with assigning Certificates of Sponsorship
    • Help using the online Sponsor Management System
    • Help sponsoring work visas
    • Help meeting your ongoing Sponsor Licence duties
    • Preparation for Home Office audits and visits

    Call us on 0333 305 9375 to find out more about any of our Sponsor Licence and work visa sponsorship services.

    As well as our more popular advice, application and appeal services (see main text for more information), we also provide a plethora of other services.

    These include:

    • A document-checking service — where one of our Bloomsbury solicitors processes and reviews the documents you already have for your application
    • Administrative review — this is a service for those who want to appeal on the basis that the Home Office official who judged your case the first time around made an incorrect decision. It involves your application being sent back to a different Home Office official for a second review.
    • Judicial review –this is a service for those who want to appeal the decision a Home Office official made on the basis that it was biased, unfair, or discriminatory. It involves the case being heard by a judge.

    Get in touch with us by calling our client care team on 0333 305 9375 to find out more about any of our services.