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Immigration Lawyers in Bothel

If you require an immigration lawyer in Bothel, then our team of experts can help you. Some of our services at IAS include processing and applying for Family Visas, Short Stay Visas, Tier 2 Visas, and many others.

Our team of experts in Bothel are poised to resolve your immigration queries, call us on 0333 305 9375 to talk to us.

Can your immigration lawyers in Bothel assist with my British Citizenship by Marriage application?

Our OISC certified lawyers are capable of handling any immigration case. To explain further, British Citizenship by Marriage is the process by which non-EEA spouses of British citizens become naturalised as British citizens. However, there are certain conditions that must be met before British Citizenship by Marriage is attained. These are the requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age;
  • You must have adhered to the immigration rules and regulations of the UK. The ‘Good Character’ requirement throughout your time in the UK must have been adhered to, meaning that you must not have any criminal records or convictions;
  • You must hold Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR);
  • You must have been a continuous and lawful resident of the UK for at least 36 months;
  • You must have passed the Life in the UK Test- a series of tests relating to the ways, culture, customs and history of the UK;
  • You must demonstrate the required level of English language proficiency.

All these requirements must be strictly met as failure to meet them may result sadly in a rejection of the British Citizenship by Marriage application. To ensure the application is not rejected and funds are not wasted, our expert immigration lawyers are at hand to assist in the entire process. Call or Skype with us, our friendly care team in Bothel is on standby.

How long does it take to process an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) application?

All services rendered by IAS are carefully attended to with the knowledge that time is of the essence. As much as there is no prescribed time frame for this service, our expert immigration lawyers dedicate quality time to each applicant’s application. If you opt for the standard application service for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), you ought to receive a decision from the UKVI within a period of six months. However, should you require a priority service for need of faster response on your application, this service can be made available for a fee of £500, and your application is processed within 5 working days.

For extremely time-sensitive applications, £800 is paid and you get your application decided on within a working day.

Must I employ an immigration expert to apply for a UK Visa?

It is not mandatory that the services of an immigration lawyer are employed for UK Visa application. But it is advised as through experience and expertise, immigration lawyers are more versatile with UK immigration laws. Here at IAS, our OISC accredited lawyers are vast and experienced in handling all types of UK Visa applications. By employing the services of any of our immigration lawyers, you can be sure that you will maximize your chances of achieving the positive outcome you are searching for.

Furthermore, employing the services of qualified immigration experts ensures you scale through very complicated legal procedures. These procedures, if not properly and expertly handled can lead to rejection of your UK Visa application.

Call our expert lawyers in Bothel to handle any of your UK Visa applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Life in the UK test is an important test of knowledge of British Culture and tradition. For anyone applying for settlement in the UK or British citizenship, they must be successful in the Life in the UK test. The test would consist of 24 questions that would talk about British culture and traditions. The duration of the test is 45 minutes and each applicant must score a minimum of 75%.

Our OISC certified immigration lawyers are experienced and versatile, yet affordable. There is no fixed cost when needing the services of any of our experts. The cost to hire an immigration lawyer is controlled by the assistance you need.

Our lawyers are committed to ensuring there are no hidden costs to their services. Free consultation about your issue will be provided. After this, they will provide you with a quote that will cover all of the services supplied by our lawyers based on your requirements.

Get in touch with our lawyers on 0333 305 9375 for your personal quote.

Our immigration lawyers assist potential Fiance Visa holders in their application. This happens to be one of the core services we render at IAS. We will review your case in order to ensure that you meet the financial call up to drafting up a letter of representation that optimizes the strengths of your application to the Home Office. Our services are in full.

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