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How do I know if I need a visa to travel to the UK?

Not all international travellers need to apply for a Visa to enter the UK. For example, if you are an EEA, Swiss or Commonwealth citizens you may be exempt from immigration controls when travelling to the United Kingdom.

If you believe you may need a visa, or if you wish to receive a professional assessment of your case, you should speak with an expert immigration lawyer in Cann Hall.

At IAS, our team offers assistance with a wide range of UK visa applications, such as the Skilled Worker Visa or Student Visas. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

Can an immigration solicitor in Cann Hall help me prepare for my Spouse Visa interview?

If the Home Office needs more details to determine whether you qualify to get a Spouse Visa, you and your partner may be summoned for an interview. This will be your only opportunity to provide additional pieces of evidence to support your case.

During this interview, a Home Office officer will ask you additional information about your case. For example, you may be asked for more details about your relationship with your partner, or your reasons to travel to the UK together.

To make sure you are ready to sit your interview, you can seek the help of one of IAS’ immigration solicitors in Cann Hall. With our help, you will always be able to rely on the support of an expert, which will follow you through each step of your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your Skilled Worker Visa application is rejected, you will soon receive a letter from the Home Office explaining the reasons for the refusal. If you don’t agree with this decision, you can apply for an appeal.

Applicants can request an appeal for all Family and Partner Visas application, as well as for all cases related to human rights and asylum.

If you want to apply for asylum, we recommend seeking the help of an immigration solicitor in Cann Hall. One of our professionals will be happy to help you evaluate your options to make the Home Office reconsider its decision.

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