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Immigration Lawyers in Chase Cross

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Chase Cross, the Immigration Advice Service is here to help. With highly experienced immigration legal specialists, the IAS is one of the leading immigration law firms in the UK, covering all areas of UK immigration law.

Get in touch with our client care team today on 0330 433 1213 to hear more about our tailor-made packages and services. 


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    How Do I Find a Reputable Immigration Solicitor in Chase Cross?

    There are many companies operating in the field of immigration law across London. If you are looking to hire an immigration solicitor, it is vital that you only place your trust in a company which holds relevant accreditation.

    OISC is the official regulator of the immigration advice industry. By law, anyone offering professional immigration legal services must hold the OISC accreditation (or a higher qualification).

    Here at the Immigration Advice Service, all of our immigration lawyers are suitably qualified. We take pride in our professionalism and the exceptional service we offer to our clients. The IAS has developed an outstanding reputation after many years of operation in the complex area of immigration law.

    We are confident in saying that you will not find a company with more experience, expertise and a higher level of service than what you will find with the IAS.

    Can Your Chase Cross Immigration Lawyers Offer Help with UK Work Visas?

    Yes, the IAS offer full support and assistance with UK work visas. If you are looking to apply for a work visa, our industry-leading application package is the ideal option.

    With the application package, one of our immigration caseworkers will work with you to formulate your visa application to the very highest standard. We will assign an immigration lawyer who is experienced in UK work visa applications to your case.

    Your immigration caseworker will assess your situation and establish which documents you will need to include in your portfolio of evidence. They will also complete your work visa application form, ensuring it adheres to all necessary Home Office administrative standards.

    Once your application has been submitted, your immigration caseworker will liaise with the Home Office throughout the processing stage and they will inform you of the application’s progress. In short, through hiring our Chase Cross immigration lawyers, you will maximise your chances of achieving the outcome you are looking for.

    What are the Different UK Work Visas?

    There are two main categories of UK work visas: Tier 2 Visas and Tier 5 Visas.

    Tier 2 is the work visa category for those who have been offered long-term employment in the UK. The visas within this category are as follows:

    To be eligible for a Tier 2 visa, you must have received a job offer from a UK employer which holds a sponsorship licence. On your visa application, your unique certificate of sponsorship number must be included.

    The Tier 5 Temporary Work visa is for those entering the UK for temporary employment. This visa typically lasts for a maximum of twelve months.

    For more information about the UK Work Visas and our application package, please call us now on 0330 433 1213.

    Do you Offer Support with Administrative Reviews and Appeals?

    We understand that receiving a visa application rejection can be devastating news. If you believe that your visa application was unfairly rejected, you should be able to challenge the Home Office’s decision.

    Your refusal letter will tell you whether you can proceed with an administrative review or lodge a legal appeal against the Home Office’s decision. If you want to challenge the Home Office’s decision, the IAS can help. Our immigration lawyers can provide full support and guidance, including full legal representation if necessary.

    The administrative review is the most suitable option if you believe the Home Office made a genuine mistake, such as not taking a certain document into account. We can support you with the administrative review process if you wish to go down this route.

    In some cases, you will have the option to lodge an official legal appeal against the Home Office’s decision, such as if your British citizenship or protection status has been revoked, or if your humanitarian protection claim has been refused.

    The IAS has a specialist appeal package for those who wish to go down the appeal route. With our specialist appeal package, we will:

    • Investigate and review the reasons for your UK visa refusal and your options to proceed with an appeal
    • Help you to produce an extensive portfolio of supporting evidence for your case
    • Complete your appeal form
    • Liaise with the Home Office throughout the process
    • Represent you at the full hearing before the tribunal

    Chase Cross Immigration Lawyers Help with British Citizenship 

    Did you know that our expert immigration lawyers in Chase Cross can help with British Citizenship applications? 

    Our Chase Cross team of immigration lawyers situated in Havering are well versed in all aspects of British nationality law. As such, we help people apply for British Citizenship by naturalisation, marriage and descent on a regular basis. We know exactly all the boxes you need to tick to satisfy the Home Office’s rigorous British Citizenship application process 

    Get in touch with our Chase Cross client care team to arrange an appointment with an immigration lawyer today. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you cannot meet us at any of our offices, we can still offer all our services to you remotely. You can discuss your case with us either on the phone or online over Skype.

    Regardless of the form the consultation takes, you can rest assured that you will receive a service of the very highest standard from our highly skilled and experienced Chase Cross immigration lawyers.

    There is no absolute requirement to hire a legal professional if you want to apply for a UK visa. However, we highly recommend that you do so.

    UK immigration law is notoriously complex and for this reason, it is in your best interests to hire an immigration solicitor.

    Here at the IAS we have a wealth of experience in all areas of UK immigration law. Whether you are looking to apply for a Spouse Visa, sponsorship licence as a business or to apply for permanent residence in the UK, we are here to help.

    Call us now on 0330 433 1213  for any immigration query you might have.

    Yes, we can offer full support to businesses who are looking to hire foreign workers. In fact, we have decades of experience in the area of UK immigration business law.

    If you wish to hire an overseas national, your business must hold a sponsorship licence. We can help you obtain a sponsorship licence with our specialist sponsor licence application package.

    Once your business has a sponsor licence, you will be able to hire foreign nationals. Each worker must have a certificate of sponsorship assigned to them, and you will need to give your prospective employee the unique certificate of sponsorship number.

    The process of hiring an overseas national is a lengthy and often confusing one. For expert assistance and to discover more about the process, please call our immigration legal experts now on 0330 433 1213.