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Immigration lawyers in Forestdale

Are you looking for an immigration solicitor in Forestdale? If so, our team of highly skilled lawyers can help you.

Speak to our client care team on 0330 433 1213 to find out more. 


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    Can I get advice from an immigration lawyer in Forestdale?

    Our advice services are unique in that they are tailored to our clients. We provide advice services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all our services can be provided in person, over the telephone, or via video chat. This means that wherever you, our lawyers can advise you on your circumstances.

    Since we were established, we have been providing high-quality advice for our clients. We help clients at every stage of their journey, including clients who want to know all their different options and clients who have questions about one specific part of an application.

    Our full advice package includes:

    • An advice session with a qualified immigration lawyer, which is untimed
    • Advice on your options, requirements and next steps
    • An eligibility assessment for your relevant route/routes
    • Document guidance
    • Help understand legal jargon and UKVI/Home Office requirements
    • A chance to ask any questions, during and after the session
    • A complete document detailing all the advice given during the session that is yours to keep

    Call our client care team on 0330 433 1213 to find out more about how one of our immigration solicitors in Forestdale can advise you on your issues or queries.

    What are the Spouse Visa requirements and how can immigration solicitors in Forestdale help me meet them?

    To be eligible for a Spouse Visa, there is a range of requirements you need to meet. These include, but are not limited to:

    • The genuine and subsisting relationship requirement
    • Spouse Visa financial requirements
    • The accommodation requirements
    • Spouse Visa English language requirements

    Our lawyers are very experienced when it comes to making successful applications under the Spouse and Partner Visa categories. These categories include:

    As part of our Spouse Visa package, you will be paired with a lawyer who is highly experienced in this area of Family Visa law. They will work with you to ensure that you have enough documents and supporting evidence to show the UKVI that you meet the requirements for a Spouse Visa. They will arrange your photographic evidence chronologically, as well as other supporting evidence to show you meet the genuine relationship requirement. They will also help you to acquire the appropriate documents to show you and your partner meet the financial requirements and that you have proper accommodation set up for when you plan to enter and live in the UK as a couple.

    Can your immigration lawyers in South London help me with a visa extension? 

    Our London-based team has vast experience making visa extensions on behalf of clients, in a range of categories. Our most common extension enquiry comes from people who want to renew a Spouse Visa.

    If you need extension advice or support from one of our immigration lawyers or solicitors in London, including those in the Croydon and Forestdale area, get in touch with us.

    We understand that this is a challenging time for many of our clients. As such, we are providing our full range of services remotely. We are doing this 24 hours and day, 7 days a week to accommodate people’s busy schedules and different time zones.

    We can provide our complete service range online. These services include:

    -Advice sessions

    -Application support

    -Document-checking services

    -Appeal representation

    -Administrative reviews

    -Judicial reviews

    Yes. While we do help clients who come to us either with an ongoing application or knowing what they want to apply for, we also help many clients who simply want more information on their different immigration options.

    We can help you if you want to know:

    -Which UK visas you are eligible for

    -Whether you are eligible to settle in the UK

    -What steps you need to take to join someone in the UK

    -What steps you need to take to work in the UK

    -Your general options for emigrating to Britain.

    To find out more about the options available to you, call our immigration lawyers in Forestdale on 0330 433 1213.

    Home Office fees range from £50 to £5,500. These go up if you are applying with dependents.

    If you instruct one of our lawyers they will advise you on the exact fees you will need to pay to the Home Office/UKVI when submitting your application, as well as any extra costs an application may incur.

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