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Immigration lawyers in Friern Barnet

Are you looking for the assistance of an immigration solicitor in Friern Barnet? Our team of highly trained lawyers can assist you with all immigration, nationality, and asylum related queries if you are in the Friern Barnet area and you need legal support.

Speak to our client care team today on 0333 305 9375 to find out more. 


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    Do I need an immigration solicitor in Friern Barnet if I want to make an application?

    You can make all forms of immigration application yourself, without legal help. However, it is greatly recommended that you instruct legal representation when making any form of application to the Home Office.

    This is because the decision-making branch of the Home Office is very stringent and prone to refusing applications with discrepancies or gaps. If an application is refused and you did not have the help of a caseworker when making it, you will not be eligible for any form of refund and you will need to undergo a fresh application.

    Having the help of an immigration lawyer in Friern Barnet means you can get your application right the first time. A lawyer will assess your eligibility for the category you wish to apply under, as well as ensure that you have enough supporting evidence to support your case.

    They will also help you source this evidence, submitting Subject Access Data requests on your behalf if you need this. They will then collate all this evidence for you, and file into a case portfolio. This presents your application in a way that allows reviewing Home Office caseworkers to understand it and ensures they do not miss any vital information. For applications that require a large amount of supporting evidence (such as applications for Spouse Visas) this service is hugely beneficial.

    As well as doing all this, having the assistance of a legal representative is invaluable when it comes to understanding Home Office requirements and changing immigration legislation. If you need immigration advice in Friern Barnet, you should consider getting the help of an experienced lawyer before you undertake any applications.

    Can an immigration lawyer in Friern Barnet help me apply for a visa?

    Our IAS immigration lawyers are positioned throughout the UK, including in Friern Barnet. We also offer complete remote services, for those who cannot make it to a UK office or who are based overseas.

    This means that, wherever you are based, we can assist you with your visa application.

    We have worked with clients from around the world and have submitted various successful UK visa applications on their behalf. Categories of visa applications our lawyers can assist you with include:

    -Visas for highly skilled people and business-people

    Work Visas

    Spouse and Family Visas

    Student Visas

    Visitor Visas

    Our team is skilled in all areas of visa law, which means they can assist you with any kind of visa application. Call us on 0333 305 9375 to find out more about how we can help you gain entry clearance into the UK.

    I want to come to the UK but I don’t know how – can you give me advice?

    Our immigration lawyers in Friern Barnet offer one-off advice services in person, over the phone, and via video call.

    This service includes an untimed session. We do not time our advice session as we want our clients to feel at ease and as though they have enough time to understand the advice they are being given as well as ask questions and go over anything they are unsure about.

    During the session, your immigration lawyer can outline your different options, depending on your personal circumstances, goals, and timeframes. They will find out your background, how long you have to make an application when you want to come to the UK, and for what purpose (e.g to join a partner or spouse, to work, to study, for a holiday, etc).

    They will then outline your requirements for each potential route, as well as the application processes for each one.

    Your lawyer will also advise you on the documents you need to include in your application to meet the Home Office’s criteria and have your application approved.

    Once you feel confident that you understand the advice being given, you will receive a document which details this advice. This is yours to keep. As well as this, you’ll also have a 7 day period after your session has finished during which you can ask questions about the advice given and the routes that have been outlined for you.

    Call us on 0333 305 9375 to find out how immigration solicitors in Friern Barnet can help you find out your options to come to the UK.

    Can your North London immigration lawyers help me apply for British citizenship?

    If you are based in Freirn Barnet or any other part of North London we can partner you with an immigration lawyer that is specialised in making successful British naturalisation applications for clients.

    Our team of immigration lawyers in London is highly experienced in all forms of nationality applications and claims, and so our caseworkers are perfectly positioned to help if you are based in this area and need advice under this category.

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