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Immigration Lawyers in Fulham

Are you looking for immigration lawyers in Fulham, London to help you with an application or enquiry? Our team is highly experienced in all forms of immigration application and can assist you no matter how complex your need or where you are based.

Get in contact today. Call us on 0333 305 9375 for outstanding immigration advice.  


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    Can an immigration solicitor in Fulham help me make a Spouse Visa application?

    Our team of highly experienced immigration lawyers is sizeable and experienced. We have lawyers situated around Southwest London, and we provide immigration advice in Fulham regularly.

    If you want to bring your spouse to live with you in the UK (or you are an overseas spouse hoping to join your British/settled partner) then we can help you.

    We provide in-depth Spouse Visa advice and application services, as well as appeal representation for those who have had their Spouse Visa applications refused.

    As part of our service, you will be paired with a Fulham immigration lawyer who specialises in making applications under the Spouse Visa category. This lawyer will work closely with you to assess the needs of you and your partner.

    They will also ensure you can show that you meet the Spouse Visa requirements, including the genuine relationship requirement and the financial requirements.

    They’ll complete all your application forms for you, and write a detailed cover letter that they will submit along with your case.

    Your lawyer will also stay in contact with the Home Office and will alert you as soon as a decision has been reached on the outcome of your Spouse Visa application.

    Can your Fulham immigration lawyers advise me on how to become a British citizen?

    We can help you if you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Fulham, London so that you can become a permanent citizen of the UK.

    We will assess your eligibility for British citizenship and your immigration solicitor will work closely with you to decipher the best route. Possible citizenship routes include:

    British citizenship by marrying a British citizen

    -British citizenship through another form of naturalisation (such as from a Work or Businessperson Visa)

    British citizenship by birth or descent

    -British citizenship by registration (for children under the age of 18)

    Your Southwest London immigration lawyer will go the extra mile to ensure that you understand the British citizenship requirements and the application process for the route to citizenship you pursue. Once you have received advice on all the elements of the route, you will receive a document with all the information given during your session.

    You will also have a chance to ask any follow-up questions once your British citizenship advice session has finished, in case you forgot to ask something in the session or you need anything to be clarified.

    Your lawyer will also advise you on what their fees would be should you choose to instruct the IAS’ services for a British citizenship application.

    Call us on 0333 305 9375 to find out more about our British citizenship advice and application services.

    Do you offer the same services remotely?

    Our immigration lawyers in Fulham and Southwest London provide the IAS’ full range of services remotely, including over the phone and via video chat.

    We endeavor to provide the highest quality of service for every client we represent.

    No matter where you are, whether you are in London, the UK, or overseas, we can advise, support, and represent you.

    Call us on 0333 305 9375 to find out about our full range of services and start your journey towards emigrating to or settling in the UK.

    Our immigration lawyers in Fulham and Southwest London provide high-quality Fiance Visa advice and application services

    If you are searching for a qualified immigration solicitor in Fulham to help you with your UK Fiance Visa application, we can support you.

    Our team of Southwest London lawyers is made up of caseworkers who are each highly experienced in making Fiance Visa applications on behalf of clients. If you need an immigration solicitor in Fulham for Fiance Visa advice or help, call us on 0333 305 9375.

    We also have offices in central LondonBirminghamManchester and many other locations throughout the UK and Ireland. Wherever you are located, the IAS is here to provide expert immigration legal support.

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