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An expert immigration lawyer increases an applicant’s chances of a successful visa application. Our OISC certified lawyers have over 5,000 approved immigration applications and can provide help with any immigration review or submission of application.

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When can I pursue British Citizenship by Naturalisation in Heanor?

To pursue British citizenship by Naturalisation you must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, a timeframe of six years of lawful residence in the UK including one year of Indefinite Leave to Remain status in the UK is also a factor in attaining British citizenship. You can apply for British citizenship after having spent one year in the UK under ILR status. Furthermore, there is no fixed answer to this question. It all depends on the immigration permit you live under in the UK.

There are many other factors that our expert lawyers will be waiting to carefully explain to you once you call.

Can I be Detained Again if I Have Received Immigration Bail?

Unfortunately, even if bail is granted, you can still be detained. If an immigration officer or police officer has “reasonable grounds for believing” a person has failed to comply with a bail condition or may fail to do so in the future, they can be arrested under Schedule 10(10)(1).

The status of being under bail will terminate if:

  • The person is no longer liable to being detained and the Secretary of State is not considering deportation against the person
  • The person is detained
  • The person is removed from or leaves the UK
  • The person is granted with leave to enter or remain in the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to visit the individual in the detention centre as soon as possible. This may depend on lawyer availability and detention centre/prison visiting hours.

Likewise, we can help you submit your detainee visit request. In the majority of cases, this may the only way to communicate with your friends or family and to offer them all the support they need.

Our aim is to offer detainee support as soon as possible, by beginning work on your application immediately. We will also submit a bail application to allow them to be released from the immigration removal centre.

Although there is no guarantee of bail being granted, we have a high success rate in bail being granted to our clients.

If your bail application has been approved, you will be allowed to leave the immigration removal centre. In other words, you will be “released on bail”, but with specific obligations to meet.

In the majority of cases, the conditions of release requested by the Tribunal refer to a specific address to live at on release, such as with your family or supporters. You are also most likely to be asked to report regularly at a police station or reporting centre.

It must be noted that bail is rarely granted for an indefinite time. To keep receiving professional detainee guidance after you are granted leave to remain, you can hire one of IAS’ immigration lawyers. Your dedicated lawyer will review your situation and explore your options to remain in the UK.

If one of your loved ones is facing detention, it is essential to hire an expert lawyer and set up a system to resolve this situation as soon as possible to save valuable time.

In addition, knowing that there is a plan in place to provide immigration bail guidance, can significantly reduce the psychological burden of being held in a detention centre.

Our Deportation/Detention Application Package offers a complete service where we provide emergency advice to the individual detained and undertake and manage an application on their behalf which also includes:

  • Visiting the person at the detention centre and taking detailed instructions about their circumstances
  • Providing tailored advice on the various options available to them and the expected time frames
  • Discussing and checking the information required to complete the relevant application form(s)
  • Completing the application form(s)
  • Collating and checking the documentation required to support the application
  • Advising on any application fees and which application to make, such as claiming asylum
  • Producing a detailed representation letter outlining the circumstances and merits of their application with reference to any relevant legislation and case law in support of your case
  • Submitting the letter, the completed form(s) and supporting documentation to the relevant authority
  • Arranging payment of any application fees
  • Applying for bail to an immigration judge

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