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With IAS, you can count on our expert knowledge and deep-rooted understanding of the cultural diversity in and around Horsley and every community in the UK. Our OISC certified lawyers and solicitors have a track record of over 5,000 approved applications. Our expert immigration lawyers in Horsley are well versed in UK immigration laws.

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What is IAS’ Advice Package?

The Immigration Advice Service offers an industry-leading advice package, which aims to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on how to proceed with your immigration matter.

Our Advice Session can take place either in person (in one of our nationwide offices), over the phone, or via Skype with one of our highly qualified, OISC regulated immigration lawyers. They will take detailed instructions about your immigration matter and provide you with comprehensive advice on what your options are and the next steps you need to take.

During your Advice Session, we will also discuss how we can undertake and manage the entire application process for you with our Application Package, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible whilst maximising the chances for success by using our vast, proven experience and expertise.

What is IAS Application Checking Service?

The Application Checking Service is basically done by expert immigration lawyers. They review the Home Office application before it is sent in. IAS’ bespoke Application Checking Service is for those who are comfortable with completing their visa application but would like some professional advice to ensure it is correct and gives the best chance of success. If you require help with your forms, you can also choose our Application Package.

Our OISC certified immigration lawyers will check every aspect of your application, and will confirm that your required documentation is adequate.

We will provide guidance based on your circumstances and advise on amendments we feel are needed to strengthen your visa application and ensure a positive outcome.

IAS appeal package

Considerable numbers of visa applicants get rejected by the Home Office. In some cases, this is due to the submission of insufficient supporting evidence alongside the application, or in some instances, a simple case of incorrect information being provided on the application form.

Whichever it is, once the Home Office has rejected the application, there is an urgent need to act fast to ensure the best chances of success with subsequent appeals. Every refusal letter states whether you are eligible to appeal the rejection and advises on a time frame for the appeal.

With our Horsley lawyers’ vast legal knowledge and comprehensive experience, our Appeal package ensures you have the greatest chance of success for a successful appeal. In addition, we are ready to represent you in any hearings/tribunals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether the session is in-person, over the telephone or via Skype, you will receive the same, consistent and professional service.

Your dedicated lawyer in Horsley will:

  • Take detailed instructions from you based on the circumstances of your case
  • Discuss and advise you on the requirements of the UK Immigration Rules and how they apply to your case
  • Provide tailored advice on the various options available to you and the relevant application form(s) and related Home Office/government fees
  • Advise on the documentation required in support of your application
  • Outline the expected time frames pertaining to the case
  • Advise on a plan of action for the options identified and discuss the relevant strategies
  • Provide an assessment of the chances of success for the application
  • Answer any follow up queries in relation to the matter following the session

Our Document Check service is a comprehensive package, which advises and guides you on your application and supporting documentation prior to its submission to the Home Office.

It involves the following;

  • Taking detailed instructions from you about your circumstances
  • Providing you with tailored advice on the various options open to you
  • Checking through the collated documentation required to support your application
  • Checking through your completed application forms
  • Providing you with advice on amendments and corrections required to enhance the chances of success of your application

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