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If you are in need of practical assistance with an immigration application or informative immigration advice in South London, the Immigration Advice Service care about your case.

Our immigration lawyers in Kennington offer legal guidance in person, over the phone or via Skype.

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Do you need an immigration lawyer in Kennington?

No matter how complex your immigration query may be, our immigration solicitors at Kennington are experienced enough and dedicated to our clients to support you. IAS has a team of over 50 OISC-accredited lawyers around the UK that can be matched to your needs in all areas of immigration and nationality law. 

We provide advice sessionsapplication packages, document checking services and a fast-track application service, amongst other services. We work with individuals and families on all UK Visa routes, but also businesses in hiring overseas talent.

Some of our work is also publicly-funded, meaning we can offer our services to people seeking asylum.

If you have unfortunately received a negative decision from the Home Office, we are here to help. An IAS immigration solicitor can review your application and guide you through the appeal process if it is available to you, and advise you on your options for the best chances of success.

To find out how we can assist you, call us on 0330 433 1213.

Can your immigration lawyers help with a Spouse Visa application?

Absolutely, our immigration solicitors in Kennington have years of expertise in assisting people with UK visa applications, including Spouse Visas.

While working with an IAS immigration lawyer doesn’t absolutely guarantee your application’s success at the Home Office, our team are dedicated to maximising your applications chances. It is incredibly important to have your application forms completed without errors and we will ensure you meet all the required standards including your portfolio of documentation.

For an application for a Spouse Visa, your partner must be a British citizen or settled person and you must be able to prove you have a ‘genuine relationship’ and can prove you are married. There is also a requirement of income of at least £18,600 for your partner. If you have dependents, the minimum required income goes up to £22,400. If you do not have enough money to meet these requirements, you can seek the advice of our solicitors as exceptional circumstances may apply.

If you are preparing to come to the UK with a Spouse Visa, you can contact our team for an advice session or enquire about our full application package that will guide you through the entire process and provide in-depth support. We can tailor our services to best suit yours and your families needs.

Contact us today on 0330 433 1213.

Did you know our immigration solicitors in Kennington offer bespoke immigration guidance for Student Visas?

There are a lot of eligibility and documentation requirements for making an application for a Student Visa to study in the UK. At the Immigration Advice Service our team of expert solicitors can give professional advice on the process and even guide you through the entire application, liaising with the Home Office on your behalf. If you would like to enquire further about any of our packages of services,  call our Kennington immigration solicitors now on 0330 433 1213.

Did you know we also have offices in central LondonBirminghamManchester and many other locations throughout the UK and Ireland? Wherever you are located, the IAS is here to provide expert immigration legal support and advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to apply for a Spouse Visa, you must meet the specific requirements in order to qualify.

These requirements include:

  • You pass the ‘genuine relationship test’ to prove you are married or in a civil partnership with your spouse.
  • You pass the minimum income threshold of £18,400 or £22,600 if you have a child.
  • You must have your biometrics taken
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the English language

You will also need documentation to prove all of the above and  more.

For more information, call us on 0330 433 1213.

We understand that not everyone will be able to make it to one of our offices, and that won’t stop you from benefitting from our high-quality services.

We can also help you remotely if you are based anywhere in the UK or overseas. We can offer our services over the phone, on web chat or via Skype call.

Call us now on 0330 433 1213 to book your remote appointment today.

Negative decisions from the Home Office can be distressing, however we know they can be all too common. If you have received your letter of refusal from the Home Office, it will generally say whether you have the right to appeal. Our team can support you through the appeal process, review your application and documentation to ascertain why it was refused and help to ensure your chances of success on appeal.  You can contact our team for more information about our appeal package on 0330 433 1213.

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