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Immigration Lawyers in Kew

If you need expert immigration advice in Kew, the Immigration Advice Service is well-equipped to help you. Our highly experienced immigration lawyers specialise in all areas of domestic and even international immigration law, meaning our immigration lawyers can help you no matter the complexity of your case. 

Call us now on 0333 305 9375 to hear all about our services and how we can maximise your chances of success.

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    Do I need an immigration lawyer in Kew to help me with my UK Visa application?

    While it isn’t necessary to seek legal guidance with your UK visa application, it is always best practice to seek professional and expert advice. The Home Office scrutinises each visa application it receives, and the UK can be notorious for refusing visas even on the most seemingly trivial grounds.

    Even Visitor Visas have a reputation of being difficult to secure. The UK Government can often find compelling reasons within your application that suggest you may not return back to your country of origin at the end of your stay and will, therefore, refuse your visa.

    For other visa categories, it is highly recommended you seek an immigration lawyer. For example, the UK Spouse Visa is arguably one of the most difficult visas to obtain as you must pass the so-called ‘Genuine Relationship Test’ in which you must prove you are in a genuine and sincere relationship. The decision to accept or refuse your visa falls into the hands of a decision-maker and it is at their discretion whether or not you are in a genuine relationship.

    It is important to note that visa refusals do not come with a refund, and application costs can be expensive.

    At the Immigration Advice Service, our OISC trained and certified immigration professionals know exactly how to tick all the boxes in your visa application. Our lawyers will help you build a portfolio of supporting evidence, ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements and advise you every step of the way while easing the burden of the paperwork in the process. Employing a professional pair of eyes to thoroughly go through your application is one way to minimise the risk of a visa refusal and maximise your chances of success.

    Contact us today on 0333 305 9375 to hear more about how our immigration lawyers based in Kew, London, can help you.

    How can London Immigration Lawyers help me with my Spouse Visa application?

    The Immigration Advice Service can help you with your Spouse Visa, Fiance Visa or Unmarried Partner Visa. In fact, we help families reunite in the UK every day and we take great pride in our unique services that make this happen. 

    We have immigration lawyers in Kew that specialise in family immigration law on hand to help you. 

    To summarise, your London Immigration Lawyer and Spouse Visa specialist will: 

    • Ensure you meet the Spouse Visa financial requirement (in which your ‘sponsor’ in the UK must be earning at least £18,600 or have substantial savings) 
    • Verify all your documents including your marriage certificate 
    • Assist you in building a portfolio of supporting evidence that proves you are in a ‘genuine relationship’ with a British citizen or someone with a form of Settled Status in the UK 
    • Advise you on how to satisfy the Home Office that you intend on living together when in the UK (such as providing evidence of your accommodation arrangements) 
    • Help you and your partner draft a cover letter and statement to UKVI 
    • Help you meet the English Language requirement 
    • Liaise with the Home Office on your behalf  
    • Fulfil your application to the highest standard 
    • Submit a Letter of Recommendation to accompany your application that highlights the merits and sincerity of your case and character  

    Get in touch with us today to hear more about how we can help you tackle the complex Spouse Visa requirements.

    What other visas can London Immigration Lawyers in Kew help with?

    Our services do not only cover Family Visas, but we assist with all areas of corporate and business immigration law and asylum law.  

    From Work Visas to Student Visas, Spouse Visas to Ancestry Visas, Indefinite Leave to Remain to British Citizenship and Sponsor Licences to Refugee Status, we cover all categories of the UK’s points-based-system. 

    By entrusting a legal professional with your immigration query, you maximise the chances of success and ease the burden and stress of tackling the points-based-system on your own. We help individuals and big businesses secure visas and rights in the UK on a daily basis. No query is too complex or too large for us to handle. 

    Speak to our client care team today to arrange your first appointment with your personally assigned immigration lawyer. Our friendly team will match you with a specialist immigration professional based on your query, and you can choose whether to meet your solicitor face-to-face, over the phone or even via skype.  

    Did you know that our immigration lawyers in Kew can help you settle permanently as a British Citizen in the UK? 

    Our Kew immigration lawyers situated in Richmond upon Thames, London, assist with all types of British Citizenship applications. This includes: 

    • British citizenship by birth 
    • British citizenship by marriage 
    • British citizenship by descent  

    Speak to our client care team today to hear more about how our immigration lawyers can provide expert and legal British citizenship application support. If you cannot meet your immigration lawyer in our Kew office, you can speak to your lawyer over the phone or via video call. 

    You may wish to get in touch with our teams in LondonBirmingham, Manchester or at one of our other locations instead.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is no definitive timescale for how long your visa may take to process once it falls into the Home Office’s hands. If for whatever reason there is high volumes of applicants, for example for visitors during the summer period or for students in the autumn, your application could take longer. 

    However, your application could take even longer if the decision-maker at UKVI finds any discrepancies or gaps in your application. Failure to fulfil all aspects of your application or any accidental mistakes is likely to see your application take longer – and even more likely to see your visa refused. The Home Office may ask you to submit additional information to support your claim. Seeking immigration advice prior to sending your application will mitigate the chances of this happening. 

    Still, the Home Office advises applicants to apply in advance and plan for margins of error. You should not book any travel tickets or make arrangements in the UK until you have been given the green light. 

    As a general rule of thumb, you should apply within no less than eight weeks of planning to come to the UK.  

    If your application is particularly time sensitive and urgent, you can alternatively seek to speed up the process. This Priority Service can cost an additional £500, but the turnaround time is within five working days. If you opt for the Super Priority Service in which the Home Office will give you a decision within 24 hours, you will be expected to pay £800 on top of your visa application.  

    If you are anxious about securing a visa within a certain timeframe and don’t want to run the risk of waiting 8 weeks or more to hear a decision, here at IAS we can help you.  

    We offer a Fast-Track application package in which your immigration lawyer will work around the clock to complete your application and have it sent off as a priority within 24 hours.  

    Contact us today to hear more about our unique services on 0333 305 9375.