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Immigration Lawyers in Lampton

Do you need immigration advice in Lampton? Our London based immigration team are highly trained. Here at the Immigration Advice Service, we can assist you with all immigration, nationality and asylum related claims. No matter your query, our expert lawyers are here to help. 

To find out more, speak to our client care team today on 0333 305 9375.


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    Why should I choose your Lampton immigration lawyers?

    While it is not a legal requirement to seek legal advice when sending a UK Visa application, due to the high rejection rate, cost and rigorous approach by the UK Government, it is highly recommended applicants hire a trained professional. This way, you minimise the risk of a visa refusal – and therefore a loss of money. 

    Here at the Immigration Advice Service, our Lampton team are well versed in all areas of asylum law and domestic (UK) and international immigration law, including the US, Canada and Ireland.  

    This means our dedicated team of immigration lawyers can help you whether you are: 

    Whilst some immigration firms may only specialise in certain aspects of immigration law, such as family immigration law, here at the Immigration Advice Service, we can help with all queries and applications.  

    By entrusting your application with a professional, you will maximise your chances of success while also easing the burden of the paperwork and stress. 

    Contact us today on 0333 305 9375 to hear more about our bespoke services. 

    Can your immigration lawyers help me with a Tribunal hearing? 

    If for whatever reason your UK visa application has been denied, or your claim for asylum has been refused, you may be invited to a tribunal hearing if you wish to appeal the decision. 

    Here at the Immigration Advice Service, our expert lawyers are on hand and ready to pick up your case as soon as you let us know. Even if your court case is imminent and you need urgent immigration advice, we can arrange a Priority or Fast-Track service. It is not uncommon for our lawyers to be sat with their client within 24 hours. 

    Not only can we help you appeal a Home Office decision, but our lawyers in Lampton can also: 

    • Help you apply for bail if you are a detainee in one of the UK’s Immigration Removal Centres (IRC) 
    • Support you throughout your claim for Refugee Status and/or humanitarian protection 
    • Attend and represent you at any Tribunal or other court hearings 
    • Assist you with your Administrative or Judicial Review hearing 

    Did you know our Immigration Lawyers in Lampton also offer Partner Visa application help and advice? 

    Sponsoring a loved one from overseas to come and live with you in the UK can be a complex, lengthy, stressful and even invasive process. This is because UKVI will assess your case and decide if your relationship is sincere. As this falls at the discretion of an unknown Home Office official, it can be difficult to convince this decision-maker that your relationship is legitimate and long-lasting. Being married does not guarantee a Spouse Visa. 

    Fortunately, our immigration lawyers in Lampton offer expert legal counsel on your Spouse Visa application. We can help you meet the Spouse Visa requirements, verify your eligibility and even submit your application to the highest standard to the Home Office for you. 

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    Here at the Immigration Advice Service, we understand and recognise that day-to-day life can often get in the way. Personal responsibilities and work commitments can make it increasingly difficult to arrange an appointment.

    However, if your visa is up for renewal or you wish to seek an extension, it is of utmost importance you send your application far in advance. Failure to submit your application within a reasonable timeframe is likely to see your visa delayed or refused. In most cases, this will mean you will need to leave the country and may even accrue a poor immigration record which will be used against you if you ever want to become a permanent resident in the UK (such as with Indefinite Leave to Remain or British Citizenship). 

    Fortunately, our services are tailored to suit your needs. Not only can your immigration lawyer speak to you over the phone whenever is convenient for you – or via video such as Skype or WhatsApp if you prefer – but we also provide Fast-Track and Priority services.  

    Our client care team work around the clock to ensure we don’t miss your call. 

    If you need an urgent appointment, whether face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype, we have you covered. Speak to our client care team to arrange an Advice Session or Application Support Session with your immigration lawyer today.