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Immigration Lawyers in Leaves Green

Are you based in Greater London and are in need of immigration advice? Here at IAS in our Leaves Green office, assisting you with your visa application is our top priority.  

Give us a call today on 0333 305 9375 to hear about our specialist packages. 


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    How can your immigration lawyers in Leaves Green help me?

    With over 50 years of experience, the Immigration Advice Service prides itself on delivering results. We hire only the best UK immigration lawyers who have undertaken the appropriate examinations and possess the right qualifications, namely OISC.  

    Due to our broad hiring process, we have immigration lawyers who specialise in certain fields within immigration – and we have offices located all across London and the UK. This means no matter how complex your query may be, we have a specialist and exceptionally talented immigration lawyer on hand to help you.  

    In addition, we have a wide range of custom-made packages to suit your individual needs. For instance, you may only need a lawyer to verify and check over your documents and supporting evidence. In which case, the Document and Application Checking Service that we offer at IAS would be best suited to you. 

    However, others who are undertaking an application that requires hefty evidence and involves a lengthy application process, such as the UK Spouse Visa or the British Citizenship application, may need a lengthier Advice Session. Fortunately, our immigration lawyers can speak to you about your case in an untimed session, meaning you have as long as it takes to iron out any burning questions or queries you may have.  

    You may wish to take your case to the next stage with us by opting for our comprehensive Application Package. Here, your IAS immigration lawyer in Leaves Green will fill out your application for you; fulfilling it to the highest standard and even submitting a personal Letter of Recommendation within your application to the Home Office. This letter highlights the merits of your case and character. 

    If you wish to know more about our unique services and packages, speak to our client care team on 0333 305 9375. 

    Why should I choose the Immigration Advice Service?

    We understand that there are a lot of immigration firms in the UK who may have attracted your attention, offering budget package deals or super fast-track services.  

    Here at IAS, however, we don’t scrimp on the standards of our work. Our prices will always remain competitive. But at least you can rest assured that by trusting the Immigration Advice Service with your query, your case is in the best, qualified hands. 

    In addition, our values are immensely important to us. We hold our core values dearly and will always treat you with respect and kindness. We always go the extra mile to ensure that you receive outstanding legal advice and assistance.  

    We help our clients for life, from start to finish. From Fiance Visas to Spouse Visas and from Indefinite Leave to Remain to British Citizenship, you can trust in us to meet all your milestones throughout the duration of your time in the UK. 

    Are there immigration lawyers in Leaves Green that can help me to emigrate abroad?

    We can absolutely make your dreams to emigrate come true.  

    Here at the Immigration Advice Service, we hire both domestic immigration lawyers and international immigration solicitors and attorneys. This means that not only are our lawyers well-versed in UK immigration law, but they can also offer advice if you wish to move to the USA, Canada, Australia or the Republic of Ireland.  

    We can help you and your entire family to emigrate to the USA – or any of the aforementioned countries.  

    It all starts with one phone call. Speak to our client care team today on 0333 305 9375 so we can learn more about your emigration plans and how we can assist in making the journey as smooth as possible for you. 

    Can your lawyers in Leaves Green check my UK Visa application for me?

    If you have filled your UK Visa application alone and without any professional help, it is always best you seek an expert to go over your application and ensure you haven’t missed any crucial parts.  

    People who attempt to send a UK Visa application without legal immigration advice are at an increased risk of a visa refusal. For this reason, here at IAS, we offer a thorough Document and Application Checking Service. Here, your immigration lawyer in Leaves Green will ensure your application is to the highest standard and will advise you on any further documents you may need to support your claim. 

    Did you know our immigration lawyers in Leaves Green can help you to apply for a UK Fiancé Visa?

    Our immigration lawyers located in our Leaves Green office, Greater London, help people sponsor their loved ones to come to the UK every single day. 

    If you are engaged and intend to marry a non-UK national on British soil, your partner will require a UK Fiancé Visa. This form of permission lasts up to six months, after which your newlywed partner can switch onto a UK Spouse Visa. Our lawyers in Leaves Green can help you apply for both a Fiance Visa and Spouse Visa. 

    Ring our Leaves Green-based office of immigration lawyers today to hear more about our expert Fiance Visa advice packages.

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