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Immigration Lawyers in Mackworth

IAS’ immigration lawyers are your ideal choice if you need the services of OISC certified immigration lawyers in Mackworth. Our experts possess considerable experience in navigating the UK’s complex immigration system.

IAS’ experts in Mackworth are available to tend to all your immigration needs, call us on 0333 305 9375 today.

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    IAS’ Fast-Track Application Package

    If you are worried about meeting a deadline in time, anxious about the decision, or you need to meet a strict time-frame, IAS’ immigration lawyers can help.

    Our Fast Track Application Package is a premium, bespoke service in which our dedicated lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure that your visa application is submitted in time to meet your deadline.

    In the past, we have processed and submitted applications in as little as 24 hours using this service. Using our Fast Track Application Package guarantees that your application will become a top priority for our lawyers. They will endeavour to provide you with the fastest, highest-quality service possible.

    Claiming Asylum in the UK

    The right to claim asylum in another country is one that was established by the United Nations Refugee Convention in 1951. 146 countries agreed, and are bound to its regulations under international law. In the UK, a person has the lawful right to claim asylum if they cannot return to their country of origin for fear of persecution.

    There are eligibility criteria that must be satisfied in order for a successful asylum claim to be made. The asylum claim process can be lengthy and demanding. It begins upon arrival in the UK when an initial asylum application must be made on the basis of having left the applicant’s country of origin with the inability to return due to the threat of persecution which has endangered the applicant’s life.

    After the initial application for asylum at a border port or airport, a meeting with a Home Office immigration officer will be held which is commonly regarded as ‘screening’, these meetings are held in-person and you are obligated to bring any relevant documents with you to support your asylum case.

    The Home Office will then make a decision on whether your asylum claim can be treated or not. If you receive confirmation that you can make a claim, you will subsequently be required to attend a substantive asylum interview with a caseworker.

    This interview is your opportunity to explain in detail the reasons for your asylum claim- you are entitled to bring an immigration lawyer or solicitor with you to this meeting. This is where our OISC immigration experts come in.

    You will receive a decision on your application within approximately 6 months from the date of this appointment. In the meantime when your claim is under processing, you will likely not be allowed to work and you may even be detained. If your claim application is unsuccessful, you may have the right to appeal.

    IAS’ OISC accredited asylum lawyers in Mackworth offer legal guidance to people claiming asylum in the UK especially those who are in an emergency situation. Contact us today for support with your claim- asylum law is very complicated, and it is recommended that you use the services of a specialist immigration lawyer to assist with your claim.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our OISC certified immigration lawyers are experienced, versatile and affordable. Although there is no fixed cost when the services of any of our experts are required, the cost of hiring one of our lawyers is determined by the type of assistance you need.

    Our lawyers are committed to transparency in their services. A well-detailed quote that will cover the services required will be made available after a free consultation about your issue.

    For your personal quote, get in touch with our lawyers on 0333 305 9375 .

    In most cases, you will need to attend a court hearing and tribunal. Do not see this as something to be afraid of, rather see it as an opportunity to state your case (which we will do on your behalf) and argue why your application ought to be accepted.

    As stated earlier, you will be fully represented by our lawyers in Mackworth during any court hearings. Our lawyers will use their wealth of legal knowledge to ensure you are provided with the best chance of success.