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Immigration Lawyers in Merton Park

Are you located in Merton Park, London, and need assistance with an immigration matter? Then the Immigration Advice Service is here to help. We can offer advice on any immigration concern and can meet you face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype at a time that suits you. 

Speak to our client care team today to hear more about our bespoke immigration packages in Merton Park, London on 0333 305 9375.

Do you need an immigration lawyer in Merton Park? 

Whether you are based in Merton Park, London, the UK or overseas, our dedicated and legally trained solicitors are on hand to help. All of our immigration solicitors, caseworkers and lawyers are OISC-certified and trained. With now over fifty years of experience in immigration, the IAS has a 98% success rate for its clients. This means that by hiring an IAS immigration lawyer, your case is in the best and most qualified hands. 

Unlike many other immigration law firms, the IAS can cover every single type of immigration query. No matter which type of Visa or Status you wish to obtain, we have a specialise lawyer available to assist you. For instance, we have family immigration law specialists who specialise in helping clients apply for a visa that falls in the family category, such as Spouse, Fiance and Child. We also have international immigration lawyers who can help you to emigrate to Canada, the US or Australia. 

Although it is not a legal requirement to hire an immigration solicitor with your application, it is highly advised. The Home Office scrutinises each visa application made, ensuring you are a genuine person and that you meet the long list of requirements. Even the most minor errors or seemingly small discrepancies are likely to see your visa refused. A Letter of Rejection does not usually come with a refund, either. Once you have been refused, you have two choices: appeal or start again. Sometimes, a lawyer will advise that you start from the beginning as appeals are not only expensive but a lengthy and complicated process. However, hiring an immigration lawyer from the beginning minimises any of this risk. You may well save yourself money in the long run by seeking legal advice before you apply.

If you do not wish to commit to a full Application Session in which your IAS immigration lawyer will help you from start-to-finish with your application, you can opt for an Advice Session or a Document Check in which your IAS lawyer will provide general advice, such as which documents you need to submit and whether you meet the requirements, or will scan over the documents you have selected and advise you if you are missing any or you need better proof.

No matter the type of legal service you are after, the IAS can cater to you. Get in touch with our Merton Park office today on 0333 305 9375.  

Can your immigration lawyers in Merton Park help with British Citizenship applications?

Yes, all our immigration lawyers are equipped with British Nationality Law knowledge and certifications. All of our caseworkers have sat the appropriate OISC exams, meaning they are legally permitted to give expert immigration advice on any British citizenship application. 

Whether you wish to register for British citizenship or apply to become a UK national through marriage or continuous residency (‘naturalisation’) our lawyers in our London-based office can help you. We can even help you to prepare for the mandatory Life in the UK test and the citizenship ceremony. Either way, your IAS lawyer will help you meet the British Citizenship requirements and assist you in gathering a portfolio of evidence to support your application. This includes proof that you have legally resided in the UK for a minimum length of time (sometimes three years but most commonly at least five years) and proof that you are of ‘Good Character’. To satisfy this latter requirement, your immigration lawyer will even send a Letter of Recommendation to the Home Office, detailing your sincerity and why we believe your citizenship application should be granted.

Speak to our client care team today to register your interest in seeking citizenship through the IAS.

Did you know that our immigration lawyers in Limehouse provide immigration advice for Family Visa applications?  

If you are a foreign national but you want to come to the UK to live with a family member who is British or who has Settled Status, it is highly likely you will need a Family Visa. Here in Merton Park, London, our immigration lawyers will offer custom-made legal advice and assistance with any Family Visa application.  To find out more information, call 0333 305 9375

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