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Immigration Lawyers in Plumbland

IAS’ immigration lawyers in Plumbland are highly experienced in all areas of immigration law, from Spouse Visa applications to Tier 2 Visa Extensions. Get in contact today for immediate help and assistance.

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    Can I Apply for Immigration Bail in Plumbland?

    If you are in an immigration removal centre, detention centre or prison in Plumbland or any other UK city, you can apply for immigration bail.

    You are more likely to receive bail in Plumbland under the following circumstances:

    • You have a potential release address to live at
    • You have a ‘Financial Condition Supporter’ who will pay any money if you don’t follow the conditions of your bail

    However, getting bail may be very difficult if you:

    • Have a criminal record
    • Have broken bail conditions in the past

    Call us on 0333 363 8577 or enquire online to book your advice session with one of IAS’ immigration lawyers.

    What is Deportation?

    Deportation is usually only applicable when a foreign national has a criminal conviction. Deportation can be ordered in the following circumstances:

    • Where a court recommends deportation of an individual who is over the age of 17 and has been convicted of an offence which could be punishable with imprisonment
    • If the Secretary of State believes the individual’s deportation is for “the public good and in the public interest”
    • If an individual is under 18 and is the spouse, civil partner or child of a deportee

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    What Happens if my Appeal is Successful?

    You must make your appeal within 28 days, or 5 days if you are already in detention.

    If the appeal is successful and the deportation order is lifted, you can apply for entry clearance or seek “leave to enter” once you arrive at a UK port of entry.

    To book your advice session with any of our expert lawyers in Plumbland, call us on 0333 363 8577.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once you arrive in an immigration detention centre in Plumbland, you should be given information about your rights which includes:

    • Having visitors and keeping in touch with your relatives;
    • Regularly receiving post and phone calls;
    • Using the internet and being able to communicate with the outside world;
    • Keeping your personal property safe;
    • Staying with any family member who is detained with you.

    Call us on 0333 363 8577 or enquire online to book your advice session with one of IAS’ immigration lawyers.

    UK immigration detention policy has neither a fixed nor maximum period of detention. Generally, the period of detention can be up to six months or more. In addition, there are cases of cumulative lengths of custody, where individuals are released and re-detained after a short time depending on their cases.

    The recent Immigration Act 2016 introduced automatic bail hearings for eligible immigration detainees after four months in detention and this option is only available for those who have not applied for bail themselves.

    If you believe your period of detention to be unlawfully long, your lawyer (preferably IAS OISC certified) can ask the High Court to review your case. In some instances, they guide you on how to seek financial compensations.