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At the Immigration Advice Service, our OISC accredited immigration lawyers are available to assist applicants in Seaton with expert immigration advice and services on UK visa applications and many more. With over 5,000 applications approved, our expert lawyers are trained to deliver.

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How can a Detainee Strengthen their Application in Seaton?

If an applicant can prove their financial commitment, this will be looked upon favourably. One of the most effective ways of doing this is having a ‘financial condition supporter’.

Such a person is someone who can put up a sum of money which acts as a form of guarantee that the person applying for bail will adhere to all bail conditions. If these conditions are broken, the financial condition supporter will be liable to lose this money.

Also, if the applicant has a release address, this is a potential determining factor in the bail application.

Regardless of the uniqueness of your case, we firmly recommend you enlist the services of an experienced immigration lawyer (IAS expert in Seaton) who can assist you with the immigration bail process.

Here at the Immigration Advice Service, we are highly experienced in immigration detention cases. We offer full support for immigration detainees and can provide immediate help and professional guidance.

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Can I Challenge a Deportation or Removal Order in Seaton?

If an individual wants to appeal against deportation or removal, they must do so within 28 days of receiving the deportation or removal order. If a person is already in detention, they must submit an appeal within 5 days.

A deportation order can be appealed against on the grounds of a breach of human rights through the UK’s Human Rights Act 1998. Also, if you are eligible to apply for asylum, you could challenge an administrative removal order.

If the Home Office has decided that an individual should be deported or removed from the UK, they will be notified in writing. You can challenge the decision of the Home Office by explaining why you believe you should stay in the country. However, it is essential to bear in mind that you are not automatically entitled to the right of appeal to challenge a deportation order.

If you wish to make an appeal, it is crucial that you receive guidance from an experienced immigration law firm. The Immigration Advice Service can provide emergency assistance if you are facing deportation or removal. We can help you formulate an appeal to challenge the decision and will support you through the entire process.

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What does asylum-seeking mean?

The term ‘asylum seeker’ refers to a person who has left their home country due to persecution and is seeking refuge in another country. They are unable to return to their country of origin due to a credible danger to their life.

An asylum seeker has the right to request humanitarian protection in another country. If a person has received this protection or refugee status, they are entitled to specific rights as well as internationally-recognised rights.

In the UK, a person who has been granted refugee status can hold this for up to five years. They will be given the opportunity to extend their leave after this time.

If an asylum application is not accepted, this person has a refused asylum claim. Depending on the case, a person may be forcibly deported from the country or they may return to their country of origin independently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To claim asylum in the UK, you should contact border officials at any UK port and state that you wish to make an asylum claim. After this, you will be brought for a screening interview. If you are already living in the UK and want to claim asylum, you should contact the Home Office to book a screening interview.

You must have left your country of origin due to fear of persecution that falls under one of the protected classes under international law.

If the Home Office believes that your case is valid, you may be referred for a substantive interview. During this interview, you will be asked in-depth questions about your reasons for leaving your country of origin and the reasons you are seeking asylum in the UK.

Following this interview, you will be issued with a decision on your case. Under some circumstances, it is possible to appeal a negative decision.

If you are provided with a positive decision, you will be granted leave to remain under a specific immigration status.

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Once the Home Office has made a decision on your Administrative Review application, they will contact you to let you know that they have either:

  • admitted fault and have decided to grant the specified leave;
  • refused your application – if this is the case you may be able to proceed with a Judicial Review or otherwise make a fresh application.

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