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Immigration Lawyers in St Pancras

Are you looking for an immigration lawyer? Our team of highly-trained solicitors in St Pancras are available to assist you immediately.

For more information about how they can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0333 305 9375.

Immigration Lawyers in St Pancras

Our immigration lawyers in St Pancras 

Here at IAS, our lawyers are dedicated to providing the highest standard of immigration services. Our immigration lawyers in St Pancras, London, work hard to give their clients the outcome they are after. They are all OISC-accredited and trained in all areas of immigration law.

If you choose to hire one of our lawyers in St Pancras then you will be assigned a caseworker who will be dedicated to assisting you with your immigration issue. The service you receive will be tailored to your specific needs so you can be sure that you are getting the best help possible. Whilst working with you, our lawyers in St Pancras will be readily available to answer any questions you may have.

If you live outside of St Pancras, or don’t feel comfortable coming into our office then all of the services offered by our lawyers in St Pancras can be carried out remotely. Remote appointments can be done over the phone or via Skype call. To find out more, or to book an appointment today get in touch with our St Pancras team on 0333 305 9375.

Do you provide legal support for those claiming asylum in the UK?

Yes, making an asylum claim can be tough, the process is often complicated, lengthy and can be emotionally distressing. Our lawyers in St Pancras will do their best to put you at ease by being with you throughout the entire process. They can inform you about the UK asylum system, what you will need to do and can prepare you for every step, including the asylum interview.

Whilst the asylum system is complex, our lawyers are experienced in handling asylum claim cases and know exactly what they’re doing. If you wish to claim asylum in the UK it’s important that you do so as soon as possible after entering the country.

Our lawyers in St Pancras are available for immediate emergency appointments to discuss your claim with you. They also offer this service to those facing immigration detention or deportation. To book an appointment now, simply call 0333 305 9375.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, our lawyers in St Pancras offer a fast-track application package specifically for this reason.

With this package, our lawyers will work around the clock to ensure that your application is completed and submitted in time to your deadline.

Whilst getting your application completed quickly, you can be assured that our lawyers do no compromise on quality.

To learn more about this service, call us today on 0333 305 9375.

Unfortunately, immigration applications can often be refused by the Home Office. The best way to prevent this is to get the help of a reliable immigration lawyer who will make sure that your application is free from errors and that you have an adequate amount of supporting evidence.

If your application has already been refused, then you may be able to appeal it. You will be informed about your right to appeal within the refusal letter. Our lawyers in St Pancras can help you to launch your appeal and will guide you through the process.

If you plan to appeal a decision from the Home Office, it’s important that you do so quickly. Contact our team on 0333 305 9375 to get started today.

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