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How can I claim Asylum in the UK?

In the UK, a person has the legitimate right to claim asylum if they cannot return to their home country for fear of persecution.

The right to claim asylum in another country is one that was established by the United Nations Refugee Convention in 1951. The 146 countries that agreed to the convention are bound to its regulations under international law.

Making a successful claim for an asylum order hinges on satisfying certain eligibility criteria. The asylum claim process can be very long. Following arrival in the UK, an initial asylum application must be made separately and this should be made on the basis of having left one’s country with the inability to return due to the threat of persecution which has endangered the person’s life.

Following the initial application for asylum at a border port or airport, a meeting with an immigration officer will be held which is commonly called ‘screening.’ These meetings are held in-person and you are required to bring all relevant documents with you on behalf of your case.

The Home Office will afterwards make a decision on whether your asylum claim can be approved. If you receive confirmation that you can make a claim, you will subsequently be required to attend a substantive asylum interview with a caseworker.

This interview is your opportunity to explain the reasons why you are claiming asylum. You are entitled to bring an immigration lawyer or solicitor with you to this meeting.

You will receive a decision on your application within approximately 6 months from the date of this appointment. In the meantime, you will likely not be allowed to work while your claim is being processed. Under certain circumstances, you may be detained while you are waiting. If your application is unsuccessful, you may have the right to appeal.

Immigration Advice Service offers legal guidance to people claiming asylum in the UK. If you are in an emergency situation, contact us today for support with your claim. Asylum law is complex and it is recommended that you use the services of a specialist immigration lawyer to assist with your claim.

Can I be Detained Again if I Have Received Immigration Bail?

Unfortunately, even if bail is granted, you can still be detained. If an immigration officer or police officer has “reasonable grounds for believing” a person has failed to comply with a bail condition or may fail to do so in the future, they can be arrested under Schedule 10(10)(1).

The status of being under bail will terminate if:

  • The person is no longer liable to being detained and the Secretary of State is not considering deportation against the person
  • The person is detained
  • The person is removed from or leaves the UK
  • The person is granted with leave to enter or remain in the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a legal route for bringing your immediate family members living in your country of origin to the UK under the Family Visa if you have been given refugee or humanitarian protection status in the UK.

Under the Family Reunion Programme, a member of your family (including your legally married spouse or civil partner and any dependents under the age of 18) are automatic in this route while other family members may be included based on compassionate grounds.

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Our Appeal Package provides a comprehensive service in which we would undertake and manage the entire process for you in Tallentire.

In our Appeal Package, one of our lawyers in Tallentire will:

  • take detailed instructions from you about your situation;
  • discuss the appeal requirements of the UK Immigration Rules and how they are relevant to your case;
  • provide you with detailed advice on the merits of appealing against the refusal;
  • complete and lodge all the required appeal forms to a professional standard;
  • develop a detailed and comprehensive document bundle for the court outlining the details and merits of your appeal in chronological order, and why it should be accepted;
  • expertly represent you at the full hearing before the tribunal, and liaise with the appellate authorities for the duration of your appeal.

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