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Immigration Lawyers in Whatstandwell

IAS’ immigration lawyers in Whatstandwell are highly experienced in all areas of UK immigration law, from Indefinite Leave to Remain applications to Asylum claims. With over 5,000 applications approved, our OISC certified lawyers are ready to offer our bespoke services to you.

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What are the requirements for applying for Family Visit Visa?

If you are a non-EEA national and you want to travel to visit your family in the United Kingdom, you will need a Standard Visitor Visa under the Family Visit Visa category. The Standard Visitor Visa is valid for up to six months.

Family Visas under the Standard Visitor Visa category have very stringent requirements and are therefore difficult to obtain. You will need to prove that you have a reason to return home once your six months is up and also need to show you can fund your stay in the UK.

The Family Visit Visa does not allow you to work, claim public funds or bring dependents on this visa type. This means that each family member will have to make a separate Family Visit Visa application.

Do international students need to apply for a visa?

We understand the importance of gaining a first-rate education, and we are happy to guide international pupils who wish to study in the UK through each step of their Student Visa application.

Moreover, we offer dedicated advice for applicants under the age of 18 who have received an admittance letter from an accredited British educational institution and, subsequently, need to submit a (Child) Student Visa application.

As a part of our services, we will liaise with both your sponsor and the Home Office to ensure that your application is processed in time to allow you to attend your course of study in due time whether in Whatstandwell or in any other UK cities. If your application is successful, and you wish to come with your family to the UK, we also help with all the necessary documentation required to introduce them as your dependents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As the law currently stands, you will be able to appeal in the event that your UK Family Visa is refused.

In the event that your application is refused, there may be other options even after the refusal. Speak to an immigration lawyer to get the best and most up to date advice.

The law at the present time in respect of Visit Visas does not allow for a full right of appeal. You can only appeal such visas on very restricted grounds. If you have been refused a Family Visit Visa it is advisable to speak to one of our experts to advise on your options.

It is reasonable that a few people would prefer to attempt to satisfy their UK Visa application without proficient help. Our extensive Appeal Support handles all rejection cases regardless of whether you sent your underlying application off with another immigration law office.

In any case, an appeal may not be the best strategy for you. It could be simpler, and less expensive, to present your application without any preparation once more.

Connect with the IAS today to book a discussion with one of our immigration lawyers.

With our team of expert immigration lawyers in Whatstandwell, we will be able to assist you with any type of Family Visa application.

We will:

  • assess your eligibility for a Family Visa;
  • assess whether your UK relative is eligible to act as your sponsor;
  • help you make sure you have acceptable proof of your relationship to your relative for your application;
  • perform a full document check to ensure that they are sufficient;
  • confer with you in person, via phone or Skype at a suitable time for you;
  • prepare a Letter of Representation to accompany your application. This is a document containing information about your case and its merits. It will also reference all relevant UK immigration laws that might support your application;
  • liaise with the Home Office throughout the process;
  • complete each part of your application in full and to a professional standard.

Contact us now on 0333 363 8577 or make an enquiry.

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