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If you need expert advice or support with your immigration enquiries in Wigton, the Immigration Advice Service is here to help. Our expert lawyers have the experience and expertise to assist any applicant to navigate the UK immigration laws and procedures.

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Can your lawyers help with my asylum application?

At the Immigration Advice Service, we know how complex asylum cases can be. That is why we have one of the best teams of experienced immigration advisers in the UK who can assist with each step of your asylum claim.

With offices across the UK, we work closely with you to provide you with the best legal advice and the most effective approach towards a positive decision on your asylum claim.

Our immigration lawyers are experts in all areas of asylum law, including the right of appeal, the appeals process, international protection, asylum law and policy, and the rights of asylum seekers in the UK.

We provide a professional and supportive service, and we can start work immediately on your case. We understand the urgent nature involved in claiming asylum and we work with you to understand your objectives and advise on the best path forward.

We include high-quality translation and comprehensive document fact-checking services to give your case the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

If you have been detained as a result of an unsuccessful asylum application, our immigration lawyers will provide emergency advice to you wherever you are being held.

Our lawyers will support you with your case and ensure that your application is at the highest standard before submission. We will also prepare a Letter of Representation and liaise with the Home Office on your behalf while your claim is being processed.

Get in touch with us now at 0333 455 3524 or use the chat function to speak to one of our expert advisers about your asylum case today.

What should I do if I receive a negative decision on my asylum application?

Depending on the stage and type of asylum case, a negative decision on an asylum claim does not necessarily mean detention or deportation, and there may be the possibility to appeal the decision.

If an initial refusal decision from the Home Office does not permit the right to appeal, this can be submitted to a judicial review. If the judicial review has a positive outcome, the case can be brought to a First-Tier Tribunal while if it has a negative outcome then the Home Office will begin the removals process.

If the initial refusal decision contains the right to appeal, this can be submitted to a First-Tier Tribunal. If there is a positive decision at this stage, the status may be granted, but the Home Office reserves the right to further appeal this decision.

If there is a negative decision from the first-tier tribunal, the case may be submitted to another court, including the Upper Tribunal. Following a positive decision from this course, the status may be granted or the Home Office may reconsider its decision.

If the Upper Tribunal makes a negative decision, the right to appeal has been exhausted and there is either a risk of detention or the removals process may begin.

Our OISC certified experienced lawyers are ready to advise you if you have received a refused asylum application decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no definitive timescale for how long your visa may take to process once it falls into the Home Office’s hands. If for whatever reason there are high volumes of applicants, for example for visitors during the summer period or for students in the autumn, your application could take longer.

However, your application could take even longer if the decision-maker at UKVI finds any discrepancies or gaps in your application. Failure to fulfil all aspects of your application or any accidental mistakes is likely to see your application take longer – and even more likely to see your visa refused. The Home Office may ask you to submit additional information to support your claim. Seeking immigration advice prior to sending your application will decrease the chances of this happening.

Still, the Home Office advises applicants to apply in advance and plan for margins of error. You should not book any travel tickets or make arrangements in the UK until you have been given the green light.

As a general rule of thumb, you should apply within no less than eight weeks of planning to come to the UK.

If your application is particularly time-sensitive and urgent, you can alternatively seek to speed up the process. This Priority Service can cost an additional £500, but the turnaround time is within five working days. If you opt for the Super Priority Service in which the Home Office will give you a decision within 24 hours, you will be expected to pay £800 on top of your visa application.

If you have been detained over any immigration matter in the UK, our OISC-accredited immigration lawyers in Wigton can provide urgent legal assistance because we are committed to providing prompt and efficient legal assistance to our clients while treating them with utmost respect and dignity no matter what their cases involve.

Our Detainee Bail package is specially tailored to help those in need of immediate help and support.

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