Can I attend an OISC Level 2 training course?

While there are no formal qualifications, the Level 2 course follows directly on from the training in our Level 1 course. If you have not previously undertaken OISC training, it is recommended that you start with Level 1. This is so that you have a base of knowledge to build on during the Level 2 course.

Our courses will also be highly relevant to those who are already accredited and are looking to stay up to date with the latest developments in the sector and refresh their knowledge.

What materials are included in the OISC training course?

With our OISC Level 2 course, you will be provided with two folders. One contains the actual course content, covering the entire syllabus. You will also be provided with an exam preparation folder. This will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to pass the OISC Level 2 competence assessment.

The OISC Level 2 exam not included in our training packages. You can apply directly through the OISC once you have completed your training.

How will this help my professional development?

The OISC Level 2 exam is useful for anybody interested in furthering their career in immigration advice, covering an introduction to UK Asylum law which is not featured in Level 1.

For those already qualified at this level, our courses can also be used as OISC CPD (Continuing Professional Development). They can demonstrate an appropriate level of commitment and competency in providing accurate and up-to-date immigration advice to your employer.

Which other levels of OISC training do you offer?

At IAS, we also offer full training courses in Level 1 and Level 3

Our three course levels are designed to develop your knowledge of fundamental UK and EU immigration asylum law. The materials are progressively more intensive with each level, helping you prepare for your exams.

If you have not already completed the Level 1 training with us, it is advisable that you begin at this level to form a base knowledge to develop upon further.

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