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UK Marriage Visa Requirements

Marriage Visa UK

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Meeting the Marriage Visa requirements

Also known as a Spouse Visa, the UK Marriage Visa requirements are notoriously strict. To be eligible for a Marriage Visa, you and your partner must both be 18 years old or over. You must be legally married in your country of origin. You must have met in person at least once and you must have a committed relationship.  You must meet the Spouse Visa financial requirements, and earn at least £18,600 per year together. This shows you can support yourselves and your children.

The financial requirements for a Marriage Visa will increase for each dependent you bring with you. You will need to show your marriage certificate and proof of extended contact if you have not been living together. There is also an accommodation requirement to prove that your UK sponsor has space in their house for you and your family to live.

The Home Office has become increasingly less tolerant of ‘fake relationships.’ You will need to make sure that you can prove without a doubt that you meet the UK Marriage Visa requirements to qualify.

How can IAS help you apply for a Marriage Visa?

We understand the importance of a Marriage Visa UK application. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in helping couples unite in the UK. With our services, your lawyer will ensure that you meet the UK Marriage Visa requirements before you submit your application. They will also advise you on documents you can use as evidence.

You will receive a Letter of Representation written by your lawyer. This details the merits of your case to the Home Office, giving you the best chance of success for your marriage visa UK.

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Or, see our FAQs below for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify for a Marriage Visa, you and your partner must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must both be 18 years old or over;
  • You must be legally married in your country of origin;
  • You must have physically met at least once;
  • You must have a committed relationship, which you can prove with photographs, proof of conversations or events you’ve attended together;
  • You must meet the Spouse Visa financial requirements. This means you must have access to adequate funds to support yourselves and your dependents. You must earn a combined minimum salary of £18,500 per year to qualify.

You will need to support your application form for a Marriage Visa along with evidence to prove that you meet the ‘genuine relationship’ requirement.

This evidence needs to show that your relationship with your partner is real. Some examples of documents could include

  • Your marriage certificate (essential)
  • Photographs or videos of you together
  • Conversations between you, e.g text messages, emails
  • Social media posts
  • Tickets from events you’ve attended together
  • A friend or family member’s statements

Find out more about the requirements for a married partner visa

The application process will depend on where you are applying from. If you are applying from within the UK, the Premium Service available could mean your decision will only take two weeks.

Applying from within the UK will depend on what type of visa you already hold. Those on visitor visas cannot apply to switch to a Marriage Visa UK.

The Premium Service may also be available outside the UK in your home country. However, this type of service will only push your application to the front of the queue.

A Marriage Visa UK application could take up to 12 weeks if extra checks are required. Processing times can also vary depending on which country you are applying from.

The UK offers a range of partner visas depending on your relationship status. If you are not entering the country as a fiancé(e) or a spouse, you may be eligible for the Unmarried Partner Visa.

This visa route is highly difficult and requires even more evidence than a typical Marriage Visa for the UK.

For more information on the Unmarried Partner Visa route.

Most Marriage Visa UK are granted for an initial 30 months. After this, you can apply for another 30 months.

Once you have lived here for at least three years on a Marriage Visa, you may be eligible to apply for British Citizenship by Marriage or, alternatively, ILR from a Spouse Visa.

These applications will regulate your status in the UK if you and your partner intend to remain in the UK for a long period of time.

Find out more about the Spouse Visa extension process.

Because the different categories of the Partner Visa are so similar, understanding which one is right for you can be challenging.

IAS can provide you with an experienced lawyer to assist with your application and help you understand the different options available to you. We will review your case and ensure you meet the UK Marriage Visa requirements before continuing with your overall marriage visa UK application.

Our services include:

  • making sure you have sufficient documents;
  • ensuring you can prove to the Home Office that your relationship is genuine;
  • preparing a Letter of Representation. A letter which details your case and its merits, to accompany your application;
  • communicating with the Home Office on your behalf;
  • completing your application forms to a professional standard.