Sponsorship License Revocation

If you have had you Sponsor Licence revoked, our lawyers can help you with our Appeal Package

If you are a Sponsorship Licence holder and you do not uphold the duties and responsibilities expected of you by the Home Office, you may risk being subject to a Sponsor Licence revocation.

If you have your Sponsor Licence revoked, it will mean that you will no longer be able to hire talent from outside of the EEA or Switzerland. This will also mean that you immediately lose current migrant workers from your workforce. It may also result in the loss of credibility or reputation of your business.

Our expert immigration lawyers can help you if you have had your Sponsor Licence revoked. We can liaise with the Home Office, assess the grounds of revocation and use this to gauge your options. With this information, we will work to resolve the issue. We will assess your right to appeal, negotiate with the Home Office and legally represent you if your appeal is taken to a tribunal. Our lawyers offer fast, comprehensible and high-quality advice. Contact us today to speak with one of our immigration lawyers.


Why was my Sponsor Licence revoked?

Your Sponsor Licence may be revoked for a number of reasons, including:

  • a discrepancy between the salary on the Certificate of Sponsorship and the salary given to the employee on the visa;
  • a discrepancy between the job description on the Certificate of Sponsorship and the actual job/role of the employee on the visa;
  • if the Resident Labour Market Test was not followed correctly; or
  • evidence of migrant employees is not completed correctly/not kept and updated for ongoing checks.

It is important to note that the Home Office can visit Sponsorship Licence holders without announcement to ensure regulations are being followed accordingly.

What are the effects of having a Sponsorship Licence revoked?

Sponsorship Licence revocation can be of huge detriment to your business as it results in the loss of important employees, future workers and your reputation as a UK employer.

This will also impact employees with Tier 2 Visas as they will be required to find a new employer who can supply a Certificate of Sponsorship within 60 days if your Sponsor Licence is revoked.

Without a Sponsor Licence, you will not be able to legally hire migrant employees from outside of the EEA or Switzerland.

What should I do if I receive a ‘Sponsor License Revocation Letter?’

A letter from the Home Office is not to be ignored and should be acknowledged and responded to immediately.  The response deadline set by the Home Office must be complied with, only in very rare cases are the deadlines extended. Being proactive and cooperating with the Home Office can be advantageous during this process.

The first step to resolving the issue of Sponsorship Licence revocation is to understand the grounds of your revocation. Usually, this will be detailed in the letter you receive from the Home Office.

The next step should be a discussion between management and the personnel involved with the alleged breach, to address the issue and how to prevent it happening again in the future.

You may be able to appeal your letter – in order to do this, you must gather all the information and evidence pertaining to the grounds of your Sponsor Licence revocation. If there is a difficulty in obtaining the documents and information needed, this will impact your appeal dramatically.

The evidence and information should not only be relevant to the breach but also the possible detriment to the company such as the effect the revocation of a Sponsorship Licence may have on the loss of Tier 2 employees.

How can IAS help?

If you have received a Sponsor Licence revocation Letter, our team of expert immigration lawyers can help you understand the grounds of the alleged breach and advise you on the best strategy with which to respond to the Home Office during this strict time-frame.

If you have had your Sponsor Licence revoked, or you are worried it might be, our team of highly-qualified immigration lawyers can provide immediate help. We will:

  • investigate the grounds of your alleged breach;
  • negotiate with the Home Office on your behalf;
  • address any issues with your records of sponsored employees;
  • identify any areas of non-compliance with Home Office regulations;
  • resolve any areas of non-compliance identified;
  • ensure your business/company is fully prepared for any spontaneous visits from the Home Office;
  • investigate your right of appeal;
  • legally represent you if you take your appeal to a Tribunal hearing.

If you have experienced a Sponsor Licence revocation – or you want to avoid one – then we can help you. Contact us now to speak with one of our expert immigration advisers.

Our Sponsor Licence Revocation Packages

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