Ahmet: Bringing his mother to the UK

Ahmet wanted to bring his Turkish mother to the UK to care for her. He knew that the application would be difficult so came to IAS for expert advice.

IAS was able to get Ahmet’s mother a Family Permit which will allow her to apply for citizenship in the future to stay with her son.

1: The situation

Ahmet, a Spanish national phoned us to explain that he had been working in the UK for two years and that his mother in Turkey had recently been diagnosed with a debilitating illness.

He wanted to bring her to the UK as she did not have adequate care in her home country.

He was uncertain if there would be any restrictions he would face in doing this, as he was unsure about her visa options. He was also curious to see what his and his mother’s options would be in terms of securing British Citizenship in the future.

2: How IAS helped

During his advice session, his lawyer informed Ahmet that his mother would be eligible to come to the UK under the EEA Family Permit as an adult dependent.

Ahmet agreed for IAS to take over his mother’s application and his lawyer began organising her documents and filling out her application form.

As this application can be done from outside the UK, IAS advised his mother on when and where to take her application forms when they were completed.

His lawyer also informed him that, if their intention was to secure British Citizenship, they must first spend the required time in the UK which would be available after the initial Family Permit granted.

3: The outcome

Ahmet’s mother’s application was granted and he was able to bring her to the UK to care for her.

Before her initial Family Permit expired, Ahmet returned to IAS and with our help submitted her application for a Residency Card. This granted her a further 5 years’ of stay in the UK.

Once Ahmet’s mother has spent the necessary amount of time in the country, she will be able to apply for citizenship to remain with him in the UK.

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