Alexander: Surinder Singh

Alexander is a Norwegian national who had been studying in the UK where he met his wife Maria. He intended to begin a postgraduate course but wanted to know if Maria would be able to join him while he studied.

After advising the couple on the best route for their circumstances, our lawyer submitted their application and Maria was granted a Family Permit to join Alexander in the UK.

1: The situation

Alexander is a Norwegian national. He had been studying in the UK and was intending to begin a postgraduate course.

He had also recently married his wife Maria, an Argentinian national who had previously studied at the same university.

Alexander wanted to bring Maria to live with him but was unsure of his rights as a sponsor due to the fact he was an EEA national and a student.

2: How IAS helped

Alexander reached out for advice and was quickly booked in with his personal lawyer for an advice session in person, with Maria attending over Skype.

Once the lawyer had taken the details of the couple’s case, they confirmed that Alexander had spent enough time in the UK to qualify for permanent residence and Maria was advised to apply for the EEA Family Permit.

The lawyer helped Alexander apply for a Permanent Residence card, which he was granted.

From Argentina, Maria was able to prepare her application, with the help of her lawyer, and submit it to the Entry Clearance Officer.

IAS managed contact with the Entry Clearance Officer and provided Alexander and Maria with updates throughout the application process.

3: The outcome

Thanks to the support of her lawyer, Maria’s application was successful and she was granted Entry Clearance to the UK.

Alexander was able to continue his studies and Maria began working.

They are now living happily in the UK and will be applying for citizenship in the future.

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