1: The situation

Clare was an Austrian National who had been living in the UK for four years.

She had initially arrived in the UK to join her British husband, and take care of their new-born son.

Now that her son was older, Clare was looking for employment again.

She intended to secure British Citizenship as soon as possible, and she was worried that changing her status from a full-time housewife to an employee would have a negative impact on any applications she would have to make in the future.

2: How IAS helped

Clare’s busy schedule meant that she was limited to speaking with our lawyer only in the mid-afternoon. We assured her that this would not be a problem, and arranged an advice session at our office in Nottingham the following day at a convenient time.

We assured her that, if she had to leave early, there would not be a problem in resuming her session at a suitable date with the same lawyer. Our sessions do not have a time limit and allow for unlimited follow-up on the same matter.

Clare was given a list of documents she should bring before her session so that they could be examined to ensure that she had been exercising ‘Treaty Rights’ during her time in the UK. These are rights that must be used if an EEA National wants their time in the UK counted towards residency.

Our lawyer determined that Clare was a ‘self-sufficient’ person, with the help of her husband. This is one of the many categories that EEA Nationals fall into when they are exercising Treaty Rights in the UK.

We then advised Clare on how she could switch to the ‘worker’ category and ensure that this was done smoothly so that her time in the UK was not interrupted.

In Clare’s case, it was a matter of ensuring that she kept all of the documents to prove that she was looking for work and had received and accepted her job offer.

As part of our service, we also gave Clare steps to take in the future. Very soon she would be eligible to apply for a Permanent Residency Card, and immediately after that, she would be eligible for British Citizenship.

3: The outcome

Clare was assured that she could begin working without negatively impacting her current status.

She also retained IAS’ services so that she could immediately take steps to become a British Citizen as soon as she became eligible.

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