Ejo: Dual Nationality Application

Ejo had been living in the UK for the past 7 years and had started a family with a British citizen. To secure her status and stay with her family, she wanted to apply for British Citizenship. The lawyers at IAS ensured her application for both Indefinite Leave to Remain and citizenship were smooth and she is now a dual citizen of Ghana and the UK.

1: The situation

Ejo is a Ghanaian national who had been living in the UK for 7 years and was married to a British citizen, with whom she had a child.

As her second Spouse Visa came to an end, she decided to settle permanently and apply for British Citizenship to secure her position in the UK.

She was unsure of how to apply and needed quick advice before her visa expired.

2: How IAS helped

We spoke with Ejo and talked through her time spent in the UK, examining her options for remaining in the country.

Her lawyer determined that she had arrived as a worker, switching to a Spouse after she met her husband.

Ejo was informed that a migrant must apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain before they can become a British Citizen.

Indefinite Leave to Remain can be obtained after five years’ continuous residence in the UK, without any breaks in your status. Once she had this, she would be able to apply for citizenship.

We checked her immigration history and confirmed that she met the requirements.

3: The outcome

Ejo obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain without issue – this has given her great peace of mind for her future in the country with her Husband.

Once she had been in the UK for a further year, Ejo returned to IAS to apply for British Citizenship and become a dual national.

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