1: The situation

Stanislav was an Estonian national who had never before been to the UK.

He was planning to enter the UK to begin a degree in Medicine and become a Doctor.

Because of the Referendum, he was unsure what he would have to do to enter the UK, and the steps he would have to take to become a Permanent Resident.

Stanislav used our online enquiry service to request an immediate callback.

2: How IAS helped

The following day, one of our lawyers called Stanislav and arranged an Advice Session via Skype.

The lawyer made it clear that, as he was an EU National, he would not require anything to both study and work in the UK.

However, he was advised that if he wanted to secure Permanent Residency in the UK he would have to be careful how his time was spent while studying in the UK.

To make this easy for him, we outlined a plan based on his circumstances that he should follow to ensure his time in the UK would always be counted towards residency. In this, we suggested that he obtain a comprehensive health insurance policy, and that he should retain all travel confirmations (flight/tickets etc) to make it very clear when he arrived in the UK.

We also offered our assistance to Stanislav should his circumstances ever change, meaning he could get in touch with us at any time.

This information was also submitted to him in writing after his session.

3: The outcome

Stanislav travelled to the UK and began studying.

After his first semester, he realised he was not suited to Medicine and he left the course. He decided to enrol in a different subject but this did not start until the following year.

In the meantime, Stanislav sought employment and wondered how this would affect his immigration status.

He got in touch with IAS again and came to our office in Birmingham. We gave clear guidance, also in writing, as to how he should spend his time as a job-seeker and, eventually, as a worker to ensure that this was counted towards settlement in the future.

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