Georgina: Exceptional Talent Visa

Georgina wanted to leave her position at a prestigious American university and take a similar position in the UK.

After searching around, she decided to contact IAS to find out about her work visa options. Her lawyer informed her that the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa would give her the best chance of success and they got to work on her application.

Shortly after, Georgina was granted her visa and was able to start work at the university she had planned to.

1: The situation

Georgina is a lecturer at a prestigious university in the USA.

She has many colleagues in the UK and regularly visited to speak at conferences.

She heard that there was a position available at a university in the UK and decided that she would like to enter the country to teach in her field.

She arranged a Skype call with a lawyer from IAS to discuss her options.

2: How IAS helped

Georgina was aware of the Exception Talent Visa but was unsure whether her field qualified her to apply.

After taking instructions on her qualifications, her lawyer assured her that she would be able to qualify as a world leader in her field.

Georgina and her lawyer began her application for endorsement to the Home Office. Her lawyer liaised with a colleague of Georgina’s in the UK to ensure her application had the best possible chance of success. Within a few weeks, Georgina received endorsement letter via email and IAS began her application for the Tier 1 Visa.

Once all of her supporting documents had been assessed and confirmed sufficient, Georgina submitted her application, endorsement letter and Letter of Representation to the Entry Clearance Officer.

3: The outcome

Georgina received her response promptly, granting her leave to enter the country.

Once here, she was able to apply for the position she had been intending to and continue her exceptional work in a UK institution.

Georgina decided to continue her stay here at a different university and came to IAS to help with her extension application, which also received a prompt, positive result.

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