Kemala: Staying in the Country After Marriage Breakdown

Kemala had entered the UK on a Spouse Visa with her two children. After two years, her marriage broke down due to violence.

Worried for her and her children’s future, she came to IAS for advice on her options.

After hearing about her circumstances, her lawyer gave her a detailed plan of action and she and her children were granted Indefinite Leave to Remain.

1: The situation

Kemala is an Indonesian National who entered the UK as a Spouse, bringing her two children from her previous marriage with her as dependents.

After two years, her marriage broke down and she left the family home with her children. She had heard that her husband could report her at any time, after which her Spouse Visa may be cancelled and she would have to return home.  Kemala was very upset but determined to do everything she could to allow her and her children to remain in the UK.

Looking to explore her options, Kemala called into one of our offices for a consultation.

2: How IAS helped

During the consultation, our lawyer identified that Kemala had been the victim of domestic violence. Kemala had not considered this as her husband, although he was verbally abusive and controlling, had never physically attacked her.

Her lawyer confirmed that, should her application be successful, she would be granted Indefinite Leave to Remain for herself and her children.

With our help, Kemala was able to locate a woman’s refuge close to where she was staying to get the support that she needed and statements from a counsellor to confirm the impact of the abuse she had endured.

3: The outcome

Thanks to the support of her lawyer, Kemala and her family were granted Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Additionally, she was able to prove to the Home Office that if she paid the Visa fees for her and her children, she would be destitute.

The Home Office waived their Fees for her case, leaving Kemala in the best possible position once she was granted Indefinite Leave to Remain.

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