1: The situation

Serhan was a professor at a university in Turkey. He and his family came to the UK on an Academic Visitor Visa so that he could work with a research team in the UK.

Unfortunately, while in the UK his daughter became very ill and it was advised that any travel could seriously affect her condition.

Serhan knew that he could not apply to stay in the UK on another visa category from a Visitor Visa. He urgently needed an immigration lawyer in Glasgow, so he came to IAS to see what help we could give him.

2: How IAS helped

Serhan’s lawyer listened carefully to his complex case and advised him that he would be able to apply for Further Leave to Remain on compassionate grounds. His lawyer organised his family’s evidence and liaised with doctors to ensure the correct documents were provided.

In his Letter of Representation, his lawyer also outlined Serhan’s financial difficulties, as he was paying for accommodation both in the UK and in Turkey.

3: The outcome

IAS was able to argue that Serhan would not be able to afford the cost of the application without the right to work in the UK and he was granted a fee waiver.

Serhan and his family will be able to remain in the UK while his daughter is treated until she is able to fly so they can return to their family home in Turkey.

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