1: The situation

Marcus, a Dominican national, had previously stayed in the UK on a Spouse Visa.

Due to the breakdown of his relationship, he ended up overstaying in the UK after he and his wife had gone through a divorce.

He had made many friends in the UK and was planning a visit, but was concerned that he would be stopped as he entered because he had been an overstayer.

After searching the internet and reading our reviews, Marcus arranged a Skype session with one of our lawyers to discuss his concerns.

2: How IAS helped

Our lawyer advised him that he may be at risk of being refused entry as he had previously overstayed.

We informed him that the Entry Clearance Officer’s biggest concern would be that he did not intend to leave the UK when he arrived, or at the least, not leave when he had stated he would.

We advised Marcus to take a copy of his work contract and tenancy agreement with him when he traveled – this way he could prove to the Officers, if he had to, that he had reason to return back home and not stay in the UK longer than his visit.

3: The outcome

Marcus was taken aside and questioned once he had entered the UK – with the documents he had taken he could prove that it was his intention only to visit the UK and that his circumstances had changed dramatically from when he had previously overstayed.

With IAS’ help, Marcus was able to enter the UK and visit his friends without any issues.

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