1: The situation

Mariam had fled her country of origin after political unrest had made her home town a dangerous place for her to live.

She fled with what little possessions she could carry and made the difficult journey to the UK border.

Once there, she was immediately detained as she had travelled without the correct documentation.

Unsure of how to apply for asylum herself, our services were recommended to her.

2: How IAS helped

After an initial phone call, one of our lawyers visited Mariam at the detention centre and took detailed instructions about her case.

The lawyer then prepared Mariam’s documentation that she had been able to bring with her for her application. This included a Letter of Representation which showed how Mariam’s asylum claim was genuine, citing previous relevant cases to support her application.

The application also provided evidence of the persecution Mariam had faced in her country of origin that influenced her decision to leave.

3: The outcome

Now that Mariam’s case was submitted to the Home Office using our expert knowledge and experience, the Home Office agreed to grant her Discretionary Leave to Remain.

Mariam was released from the detention centre and now lives and works comfortably in the capital.

She will no longer have to face the difficulty she was running from.

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