1: The situation

Abdenour had arrived in the UK after a long and dangerous journey from his home.

His home country was in the middle of a devastating conflict, and he had been driven out of every city and town he had tried to make a life in.

It eventually became too dangerous, and to protect his life he decided to leave.

He did not have any possessions as he left. With the help of a UK charity, Abdenour was given IAS’ details and he decided to give us a call to find out more about the asylum process.

2: How IAS helped

When Abdenour called IAS, it was clear that his English was not sufficient to explain his situation. Our enquiry team identified his native language and we arranged for a call back with an interpreter.

We quickly learned that Abdenour was in need of help, and would not be able to afford legal services himself. With this in mind, we connected him to one of our many Legal Aid lawyers – this meant that he would not have to pay any legal fees to make his claim for Asylum.

3: The outcome

With the help of our lawyer and interpreter, we built a strong case for Abdenour based on his experiences at home. His first application was rejected as it was not believed that his life would be in danger if he were to return.

IAS took his case to an appeal where we had proven that, at the time he was living in a city or town, it had been attacked. We made it very clear that he was and would continue to be in danger if he returned to his home country.

The application was then approved by the courts – Abdenour was given leave to remain in the UK. He currently works in a café and rents his own property here. He is assured that his time in the UK will be productive and that his life is no longer under threat.

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