1: The situation

Martha is a French citizen who was married to a Pakistani citizen. She had previously received her Permanent Residence card before moving to Pakistan with her husband shortly before the birth of her child.

Unfortunately, Martha lost her husband and decided to return to the UK to settle with her family back home.

Because her daughter was a Pakistani citizen, Martha was unsure of how she could bring her child to the UK to settle with her.

2: How IAS helped

Wanting to find a resolution, Martha reached out to IAS for advice on how she and her daughter could remain in the UK.

Our lawyer advised her that her daughter would not be able to register as a British citizen immediately.

The lawyer advised Martha that she would be able to enter the UK as a Returning Resident and bring her child with her on a separate visa application.

The lawyer took detailed instructions on Martha’s situation and advised her of the documentation she could use to prove that she would be entering the UK to settle indefinitely, using proof of previous work in the UK and a lack of meaningful relationships left in Pakistan.

Once Martha had gathered the necessary documents, she was able to submit the application to the Entry Clearance Officer.

3: The outcome

After a couple of weeks, Martha’s Returning Resident Visa was granted and her daughter’s Child Dependant Visa enabled them both to enter the country and begin to settle with their close family members.

Martha then also returned to IAS for her Permanent Residence application once she had met the expected requirements and is now settled in the UK.

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