Shinya: Tier 2 Work Visa Application Assistance

Shinya, a Japanese National, was offered a placement in a UK based company. The company already held a Sponsorship Licence and was able to give Shinya a Certificate of Sponsorship. However, the process was long and complicated so Shinya contacted the IAS London Office for help with it.

The lawyer from IAS was able to easily secure Shinya a Tier 2 Visa and now Shinya is happily working in the UK.

1: The situation

Shinya is a Japanese National. For years he had been doing contract work in the UK, never staying more than a few weeks at a time.

Impressed with his work, a UK Company wished to employ him and gave him a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).

He was due to travel to the UK to make arrangements and look for suitable accommodation. He was not sure what he had to do to secure his visa quickly and correctly.

He had looked online but found the process very confusing. He looked for UK Immigration Advice in London, where he was going to be living, and came across our website.

After reading the reviews left by others, he sent an email to arrange an Advice Session the day he arrived in the UK.

2: How IAS helped

Shinya brought his CoS to his Advice Session and our lawyer reviewed it.

It was immediately clear that he needed a Tier 2 Work Visa – our lawyer made a list of documents he would need for his application, tailored to reflect his circumstances.

He was informed that he could not submit the application whilst he was in the UK, but we advised him that he could definitely start gathering the documents.

As he was very busy, Shinya instructed IAS to take ownership of his application.

3: The outcome

Once we had received Shinya’s documents, we liaised with his new employer to check his personal details on their system. This was to ensure that the CoS he had was correct – we found a few errors such as a slight misspelling of his name and an incorrect passport number.

Whilst this can sometimes be OK, we work to minimise errors like this so as to maximise our clients’ chances of sucess. We asked the employer to obtain a new CoS.

With our help, Shinya’s application was completed correctly whilst he was in the UK – we booked his appointment at a local Application Centre in Japan so that when he returned, there would be minimal delay.

The application was successful and several weeks later Shinya began his new, permanent role in the UK.

UK immigration advice for Japanese citizens.

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