Frederick: Fiance Visa

Frederick was a Nigerian National who was in the UK on a Visitor’s Visa staying with his Fiancée.

He wanted to apply for a Fiancée Visa but did not understand how to do it. He found IAS and contacted them to arrange an advice session with one of our immigration lawyers.

Our lawyer explained to Fred that he must leave the country to apply for a Fiancée Visa. Although Fred was sad that he had to leave the country, the lawyer gave him instructions on how to minimise his time spent outside of the UK which helped alleviate the stress.

1: The situation

Frederick was a Nigerian National and was in the UK on a Visitor Visa. He was staying with his Fiancée and had planned to get married before he left.

He was not sure what he had to do or how to do it – he had checked the rules online but found them very confusing.

Whilst he was searching, he came across our website and decided to give us a call.

2: How IAS helped

Our Enquiry Team confirmed that he could make an application for entry as a Fianceé, but this type of application could not be made whilst he was on a Visitor Visa residing in the UK.

Needing more detailed information, he was connected to one of our lawyers in Halifax.

Our lawyer confirmed that this was true and, whilst Frederick was disheartened, he was glad that he did not make a pointless and expensive application.

IAS have come across this situation many times before – we advised Frederick that there was nothing to stop him making the majority of his application whilst he was in the UK.

With our assistance, we could put him in the best possible position to minimise his time outside the UK before he even left, so that he could return much sooner to his Fiancée than he thought.

3: The outcome

IAS drafted Frederick’s forms, completed them, checked his documents and submitted them online – All Frederick had to do was submit these documents in person the day after he arrived back in Nigeria.

Within two weeks his application had been accepted and he shortly returned to the UK to be married.

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