Controversy sparked this week following the leaked immigration plans from the Home Office that mentioned possible changes for EU citizens in an 82-page document. In a response to the uproar, the Home Office has taken steps in an attempt to reassure EU citizens by announcing that they won’t need ID cards or to be fingerprinted post Brexit despite it being outlined in the leaked plans.

This reassurance has surfaced from pressure group “the3million”, which published the results of a meeting between the group and the Home Office earlier this week. During the meeting, the topic of whether EU citizens will have to meet an income threshold was discussed and it was reported that they would not have to meet a certain amount to stay in the UK after Brexit.

It was agreed by the Home Office that the group could release a statement following the meeting, which was released on Monday. The statement said:

“The Home Office has confirmed in accordance with the Policy Paper (of 26th June 2017) and subsequent negotiations with the Commission on Citizens’ Rights its position that EU citizens: Will not have to prove CSI (comprehensive sickness insurance/private healthcare), will not have to meet an income threshold, will not have to submit fingerprints; will not be issued with an ID card.”

This announcement is said to only apply to EU citizens that have already settled in the UK and not immigrants after Brexit looking to move. The group said they will be “asking the Government to urgently issue public anti-discrimination guidelines for employers, landlords, public services and industries considering the current level of discrimination we uncovered recently.” This comes after a recent report by the3million claimed that EU citizens living in the UK are being increasingly discriminated against when applying for jobs and housing following the vote to leave the EU.

The uncertainty of Brexit continues as it appears there has been a stalemate between both the UK and EU regarding negotiations over the terms of separation. This issue was brought into the limelight following comments from the chairman of the3million who said that there was ‘confusion at the top’ over post-Brexit rights. He stated, “On Friday, we had Theresa May saying we would have the same rights as before, and on Sunday we have David Davis saying we won’t have reunification and we won’t have registration.”

In relation to the released statement, a spokesperson for the Home Office said: “The statement issued by the3million group today reiterates our public position on these issues.”

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