The population of London now stands at more than 8.6 million. Not only is this a record in terms of sheer populating numbers, it has also reached its highest figure in terms of diversity.

An analysis of official data has revealed that now one in three people that currently live in London were born abroad. According to experts based on information from the 2011 census, this statistic is one that is predicted to grow substantially over the next 15 years with projections of over half the population of London being foreign-born dwellers by 2031. This is an estimate that will mean, for the first time in history, immigrants will take over from the dominating number of British-born residents in London, making native Britons the minority in the country’s largest city.

The rise in numbers of non-British born Londoners will take the city’s total population to more than 10 million in 2031 and 11 million in 2041, showing just how multicultural the country is and will continue to be over the next few decades as the population increasingly expands.

Interestingly, a look into these recent reports also exposed that in certain areas of London, we are already now seeing over 50% of foreign inhabitants occupying the area, particularly the inner boroughs of London.

The positive outcome from this research is that it allows the country to prepare and make proactive plans for integration. It was feared that without careful monitoring of this development, the continued growth could potentially put a strain on housing, transport, hospitals and even schools. This, however, won’t be the case. Due to this recent analysis, it now means the country and especially the city of London itself can look to accommodate for the rapid changes and, instead, capitalise on the boom that an influx of immigration to London will bring for the country’s economy.